PlayStation Holiday Gift Guide 2023 34534

PlayStation Holiday Gift Guide 2023

In a lot of ways 2023 is a hard year since there were so many amazing releases. This isn’t even limited to games either. PlayStation Portal, PlayStation VR2, plus various new PlayStation accessories have also released. With so many options we wanted to make things a bit easier by narrowing them down.


PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Holiday Gift Guide 2023 34534

Like most companies this year, Sony increased the price of PlayStation Plus. This was something a number of players were disappointed to see, with even more when Sony revealed their Black Friday pricing is basically the old MSRP. Still, there is a lot of value with the program, and something a number of players will appreciate having access to. Especially with Extra and Premium offering a large catalogue that includes the occasional new release like Sea of Stars.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

It goes without saying anyone who loved Marvel’s Spider-Man is going to want to experience the sequel. With it pulling one of the highest Open Critic scores for the year, both critics and fans alike agree this is a can’t miss experience.

PlayStation Holiday Gift Guide 2023 34534

Final Fantasy XVI

It’s hard to believe Final Fantasy XVI released earlier this year. The highly anticipated latest entry in the beloved franchise explores more mature concepts with further refined gameplay. Given it’s a bit older at this point, it can also be obtained at a pretty good price. More than once we’ve seen the Deluxe Edition for $30~, which makes for a fantastic gift package.

Alan Wake 2

Following the surprise success of Control, Remedy Entertainment returned to Alan Wake in a big way. Not only is the story extremely engaging, it shows a number of lessons learned from the first experience. It’s the type of game made by developers passionate about the product, and it shows.

Street Fighter 6

There is no denying Street Fighter 6 is one of the best fighting games to release this year. Not only is the gameplay fantastic, Capcom finally added a campaign that gives offline players a lot to explore. Said mode was also expanded overtime, so there is always a reason to return.

PlayStation Holiday Gift Guide 2023 3453

Lies of P

While not quite being the Elden Ring of 2023, Lies of P is a fantastic Soulslike in its own right. Even if our review was a little on the harsher side, a good number of patches have refined the overall experience to be far more welcoming. At this point Lies of P is at a great place, one that will likely continue once the upcoming DLC releases.

Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless

Despite concerns that Disgaea 6 will be the direction the franchise takes going forward, Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless finds a nice middle ground. It’s less of a grind than previous titles, though makes up for this by adding PVP, and other objectives to overcome. It’s a very strong choice for the RPG fan in your life.


PlayStation Portal

PlayStation Portal might be hard to find, but that is simply because it’s a product that resonates with so many players. The idea is to make a powerful streaming device that mimics playing on an actual PlayStation 5. It does help to remember streaming can be hit/miss, especially out in the world, but it’s still a great item to consider if accessing the gaming television is hard.

XGIMI Horizon Ultra

For a while projectors have remained relatively stagnant. Their main draw was a larger, more cinematic, picture, though in recent years televisions are closing the gap. Thanks to Android TV, smaller names like XGIMI have entered the space offering their own take on the concept.

PlayStation Holiday Gift Guide 2023 34534

What makes Horizon Ultra stand out isn’t just picture quality, which boasts 4K and Dolby Vision HDR, it’s intelligent new features. One we’ve praised repeatedly is their Intelligent Screen Adaption 3.0 (ISA 3.0) technology. With Horizon Ultra it has the uninterrupted autofocus/correction found on 2.0, with a new eye protection feature to prevent accidental damage. Add in HDMI 2.1 and it really is a solid package.

Plus, at the time of posting XGIMI is offering a floor stand with any Horizon Ultra purchase.

Dreo PolyFan 513S

What we like about Dreo is how robust their line of smart products are. Not only are they easy to pair, something that isn’t always true, it’s a single application to control all of them. They also don’t stop there. Each smart product integrates with Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa set ups to make them extremely easy to control.

PlayStation Holiday Gift Guide 2023 34543

Where PolyFan 513S really stands out is functionality. More than once did it cool a room down so much we considered turning it off. It also isn’t loud, so it’s entirely possible to beat the heat without everyone else being aware of it. Add in the elegant look and it looks great in any room.


When PlayStation 5 released storage was a costly proposition. With options at half the cost of the console itself, it was something many players decided to do without. Now-a-days options can easily be found in the $100 range. While perhaps not the best cost to size value, something like Samsung’s 980 PRO w/ Heatsink is a great option that basically works right out of the box.


Sony DualSense Edge

There are a lot of reasons to both love and hate Sony’s DualSense Edge. Their take on a pro controller offers some fantastic benefits, such as additional buttons, replaceable thumbsticks, and carrying case, it also has terrible battery life. Still, the ability to effortlessly replace thumbsticks, purchase a protection plan if anything goes wrong, and more is a combo absolutely worth considering.

PlayStation Holiday Gift Guide 2023 34534

BigBig Won R90

If you don’t want to go the traditional controller direction, R90 offers wired support for official Xbox and Switch controllers. Now you can use your preferred controller to enjoy everything PlayStation has to offer. Plus, at $25 it’s a great accessory without going too crazy.

HyperX ChargePlay Duo

Another fun and inexpensive option is HyperX’s ChargePlay Duo. The nice two controller docking station looks nice on a table, uses a USB-C port for max compatibility, while also having your controllers ready to go. It’s the type of item that doesn’t sound game changing, but it can make a massive difference in most set ups. Just be warned, pro controllers don’t work particularly well with this charger, and for things like DualSense Edge the official is preferred.


Astro A20

Astro’s A20 is one of the most unique headsets on the market. Instead of focusing on sound quality, interesting features, look or any of that, it’s one of very few wireless headsets that works on both Xbox and PlayStation.

For a while this has been an unfortunate compromise. Get a wireless headset that works for everything besides Xbox, or opt for an Xbox specific one. Astro simplified the process by still using dedicated Xbox and PlayStation looks and branding, with an additional purchasable dongle. Perfect for anyone looking for wireless on both platforms.

Sony Pulse Explore Wireless Earbuds

While traditional headsets remain the most popular choice for gamers, many are looking at true wireless options that can be used elsewhere. Last year we suggested EPOS’ GTW 270 Hybrid, but this year Sony’s Pulse Explore seems to be the way to go.

PlayStation Holiday Gift Guide 2023 34534

In addition to including planar magnetic drivers, which early reviews claim they sound great with music, these slick earbuds are made with PlayStation in mind. Not just in terms of looks, but also function. This makes them an easy choice for anyone looking to simplify their set up.

Audeze Maxwell

Maxwell is Audeze’s attempt to correct the mistakes they made with Penrose. The improved headset has turned a number of heads, along with such good buzz Audeze struggles to stock them. Even if you need to deal with backorder to get them they’re an option seriously worth exploring as they’re one of the best gaming headsets currently on the market.

Maono PD200X

Maono revised a number of their microphones this year, with PD200X being an amazing choice. In addition to getting some nice visual flare, PD200X boasts USB and XLR outs making it perfect for newcomers, or upgraders alike. As part of their Black Friday deals you can get PD200X, XLR cable, and a boom mic arm for just $110.


If you’ve done a lot of research on gaming headsets, you might’ve seen some people suggest a variety of traditional headsets, supplemented with a microphone like SoloCast or ModMic, but it also helps to have a DAC and amplifier. Sony made this rather difficult with PlayStation 5, most simply utilized digital optical and now you need an adapter to use them, but HELM’s DB12 AAAMP bypasses that by simply connecting to the controller’s 3.5mm port. This makes it extremely easy to get the most out of your favorite headset. And, best of all, the bundle is exclusive for the holidays, making it cheaper than buying HELM’s DB12 AAAMP and includes a Bolt DAC.

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