Dad and Grad Gift Guide 2024 34534

Dad and Grad Gift Guide 2024

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to celebrate fathers and those graduating towards the next step in their life. This can be a stressful, and also exciting time, as people look for the perfect item to celebrate their loved ones. To help things we wanted to make a quick guide for some of the items we think would be perfect for that special someone.

Dreo Appliances

One thing that stands out about a number of Dreo products is their robust smart application. Not only do I love the fact everything pairs to the same app, along with the ability to share control with someone else, there is a surprising amount of control. I can set it to cool, heat, purify the air, or really do anything through a set schedule, using my phone, or via Google Assistant/Alexa.


At first glance a fan probably doesn’t sound like the most exciting gift. However, there are a couple reasons why we think this is worth considering.

Dreo has two great options in their fan line. The first is MC710S, which is their tower fan air purifier combo. Not only does it save space in a cramped dorm, or bedroom, it’s a legitimately great fan to beat the heat. Plus, through the Dreo application it can be rotated to always be at the perfect spot.

Dreo MC710S Review - The Best of Both Worlds 345

Those looking for a bit less can snag Polyfan 513S. This little fan packs a surprisingly powerful punch. So powerful I tend to get cold at speeds as low as four out of a possible nine. Best of all, both fans, along with a few other products, are on sale as part of Dreo’s Father’s Day sale.


Anyone looking to plan ahead might want to consider their wall heater. What makes the wall heater great is the small size that can effortlessly be mounted to a wall, along with the ability to use it as a simple fan. It has a lot of utility, coupled with a thoughtful purpose.

Schumacher Electric Portable Power Pack

Whether it’s a kid finally going on their own, or just being worried about someone close, there is a lot of value in this specific portable power pack. Along with the 1000A, or 2000A battery, it’s the perfect companion for a car.

Dad and Grad Gift Guide 2024 34534

Along with charging a phone or other portable device, Schumacher Electric allows this specific line a way to aid someone in a car crisis. In addition to the handy light on top, there is an accessory that can jump your car. Even if the situation never arises it’s an amazing resource to have. Plus, since it’s a well known name, a number of companies make packs and other accessories to keep all the pieces together when you need it most.

Oransi Air Purifier

On the opposite end of Dreo is Oransi’s large line of air purifiers. This is a product that is, unfortunately, becoming more valuable as wildfires and other pollutants become increasingly common.

Oransi Mod Review - Simple and Clean Living 34534

Thankfully, they offer options that cater to a wide variety of needs. Their main line, Mod, is more of a statement piece than an appliance that simply does its job without any further complications. Their AirMend series might not be as ascetically pleasing, but is perfect for a smaller room. Plus, I hear it works well at removing certain smells, like weed, so you can relieve some stress without the telltale smell.

Audeze Filter

Audeze Filter is a rather unusual item that is perfect for students on the go, or a busy professional. Intended as a speaker phone, its noise isolation is seriously impressive. This makes it a fantastic resource for a loud room, or just wanting to use something like a fan without being the perfect who has a fan on their microphone. Plus, its incredibly small form factor makes it well suited for travel.

INNOCN Portable Monitor

Portable monitors are a rather interesting product category. I don’t know if I would even look into one, but now that I’ve tried it there are so many uses. This is also a product that gains more uses long term.

Dad and Grad Gift Guide 2024 34534

Initially I saw it as a great way to enjoy my Nintendo Switch on the go, or connect to my laptop/tablet to work on my latest project. However, with the rise of Steamdeck, and similar devices like ROG Ally, it’s simply a fantastic way to get a bit more out of your mobile devices without adding much to carry. People can also save 5 percent from INNOCN direct with promo code Welcome.

This impressive security camera, which was announced yesterday, is a fantastic tool to help keep your loved one safe. Not only does it boast some solid features, like amazing low light visuals, and 4K support, it’s really all you could ask for in a security camera.

Reolink Argus 4 Pro Review - Sleek and Safe Living 3454

XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro

Even if most people think of a TV, or perhaps portable monitor, XGIMI’s line of portable projectors are well worth considering. They quickly became a staple for me as portable gaming becomes increasingly popular. Now I can go anywhere and get in a round of Street Fighter 6, or beat my friends at Mario Kart. This is also perfect for a small dorm as it takes up very little space and offers plenty of screen to enjoy.

Vasco Translator V4

As technology continues to advance, devices like Vasco Translator V4 truly fascinate me. Even if phones are gaining various ways to translate, interpret other languages, and better help people connect, there are a lot of benefits to a specific device.

Dad and Grad Gift Guide 2024 3453

One of the biggest is streamlined software built for this specific purpose. I love how simply it is to use, and quickly it gives results. Best of all, it includes unlimited connectivity for life across nearly 200 counties. This is a massive win for anyone planning a trip to a foreign land and wants to minimize data while having fun.

Given content creation is becoming an increasingly accessible, and enjoyed activity, things like Saramonic’s Blink 500 B2+ system can be really handy. Thanks to things like a space saving storage box, and a design that is perfect for mobile phones, it has a lot of potential to up your game whether it’s for fun, school, work, or all of the above.


I’ve always been partial to fun products that serve a purpose. Who doesn’t enjoy a cute robot USB expander, or an eye catching headset that stands out. This is basically what GravaStar does. They take a number of useful, but more mundane items, such as a wall charger, and make it a cute little accessory. It’s just the type of item that is both a lot of fun in a space that is usually far more practical.

Gunnar Glasses

Gunnar has come a long way from being the yellow gaming glasses company. Newer designs embrace both gaming and the fashion forward crowd. This has resulted in a number of simply lovely designs across a wide variety of situations.

Gunnar Cupertino Review - All You Could Ask For 34534

One of the biggest stand out examples is Cupertino, as it offers swappable lens so you always have the perfect amount of blue light blocking. These are also my go to glasses due to how well the concept works.


Whether you’re working, or studying you’ll likely be sitting in a chair for a long time. This makes it one of the best investments one can make, and a great addition for either situation. What ultimately makes AndaSeat stand out is how well it handles common issues.

One of the most common, big and tall people, can rest assured knowing options exist for those up to 395 lbs, and 6’10.5″. Plus it supports removable arm rests, one of the most common points of failure when it comes to office chairs.

Unitek 60W 6-Port Charging Station Review 23423

Unitek Power Station

Limited space offers a wide variety of unique challenges. These range from things being a mess, to making choices where an accident is just waiting to happen. This is why I like options like Unitek’s power station.

This simple device has a bunch of compartments, USB ports, and optional accessories so you can charge a phone, tablet, computer, and more without taking up too much space.

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