The First Descendant - How to Defeat Hanged Man 34534

How to Defeat Hanged Man in The First Descendant

While The First Descendant doesn’t have raids, or even raid bosses, Hanged Man introduces some unique mechanics that make it a very difficult fight if you don’t know what to do. It features a wipe mechanic, deals a lot of damage, not to mention is unforgiving if people die. Thankfully, the mechanic itself is really simple, assuming you’re somewhat coordinated.

Suggested Build

Hanged Man is strong to lightning and fire, with the best items being toxic. Outside of that, it helps to have something that does substantial ranged burst damage. This is a fight that comes down to dealing a lot of damage extremely fast.

Lightning resistance also helps a lot, as does increased shield/defense. These are harder to build into, at least at the moment, though worthwhile if you can.

Defeating Hanged Man

At first the fight will start like any other fight in The First Descendant. Hanged Man has a massive shield, multiple areas to break, not to mention plenty of attacks to avoid.

The way this fight works is actually pretty simple. At the start you’ll see a cube on the alter pictured above. Throughout the fight the pillars will continue to fill. It takes about 90 seconds before it becomes a serious problem that must be dealt with.

The First Descendant - How to Defeat Hanged Man 34534

To do this, have someone grab the cube, and just stay alive. The other three people need to fight the boss in Frenzy mode. Their job, besides also staying alive, is to deal enough damage to break the charger. When done correctly it will stun the boss before resuming its assault.

Each time Hanged Man is stunned like this the fluid in the middle will decrease. Ideally a group will get two, or three breaks before returning the cube. After this continue the cycle, if needed, to defeat the boss.

Video Guide

In the event this doesn’t make sense, a brief video of me killing the boss can be found below.

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