Beginner Tips for Dungeon Encounters [More Tips Added]

Beginner Tips for Dungeon Encounters 4
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  1. Jesse says:

    Can I have some intermediate tips then? My group of 4 well equipped characters was destroyed by two monsters in two turns because I stepped on a square that didn’t look any more threatening than any other. How was I supposed to know that could happen? It was floor 13. Now I’m on floor 1 with a team of three because no one else is available to recruit and it says if I wipe again it’s over. Wtf? So how do I get my team back without wiping for good? Please help. 🙁 this is the best square game in 20 years and it’s obtuse af and has zero story. Fml.

    1. Grant Gaines says:

      Hey Jesse,

      oh yeah, this is something I actually mentioned in my review. It might not be initially apparent, but as this guide mentions, the party menu explains what each and every square means. In your case, I assume you didn’t think about the tile you stepped on. A completely understandable mistake that you were unfortunately punished for. The sad truth is, some squares are out of place battles. Sometimes it’s an enemy that is 30 levels higher than you and later on you’ll start finding, ironically, weaker battles as well. Unfortunately, there is no trick to beat teams that are significantly more powerful than your current team, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help you out.

      At this point you should have Nanga Pair, Sesspare, Guyselblanc, Rwenzo, Lhaulagi, Maynasar, Elva, Gulch, Shunga and Rodovich. Given you’re reporting seven units, I assume you’re missing Shuga, Rodovich and/or Sesspare. If you’re, I actually wrote a guide explaining how to find them and other characters located here. Two of these characters are located in the starting area, meaning you can have a full team of four, plus a backup in the main base if you do wipe for any reason.

      From there, Lesser Descension and Ascension are your friends, as well as the 0A through 13 spaces. What you’re going to want to do is use 0A to go to floor nine. This is a couple squares away from the stairs down to floor 10. From here, you want to see how far you can get. As long as you have Fiend Scouting, you’ll never accidentally end up in a fight. If you take it slow, you basically want to see if you can make it to the next level without fighting anyone. If you can, go down and if you can’t, go up and then back down to see what the new arrangement is like. To speed it up, the Lesser abilities have the ability to skip large sections, though there is no guarantee you’ll be in a good spot. All that it guarantees is that you’ll go down a floor provided there is a space below and it isn’t an event. You must do this and then make it to the place where they fell. However, getting there isn’t the only tricky part.

      Collecting these people will fill spaces on your team. So if you go with three people, you’re only leaving with one of the bodies or trading units. As a result, you’re best off going solo, wearing the best gear you can find. Even with that you won’t collect everyone, though with three of the four you can level the fourth to take on bigger threats if this happens again. Thankfully, unless you’re in the 50 range, you should be able to collect everyone without a battle. Once you collect everyone, either find event 05 and 06 or use Lesser Ascension to rush to floor nine to find 0A and go home. If this still isn’t helpful, please feel free to either e-mail me or reply to this post with more information and I’ll try to help some more.

      Best of luck!

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