How to Unlock the Invoker Archetype in Remnant 2 34534

How to Unlock the Invoker Archetype in Remnant 2

Yesterday Remnant 2‘s second DLC, The Forgotten Kingdom, released and with it came a wide variety of new secrets to uncover. Among the most exciting is a new archetype called Invoker. However, like the other secret archetypes, players need to figure out the secret to unlock it. Thankfully, reddit user SepticGentleman saved everyone a lot of time and revealed the secret.

How to Unlock the Invoker Archetype in Remnant 2

Finding the Old Flute

To unlock the archetype players need to find a material called Old Flute. This is unsurprisingly well hidden, though its requirements are thankfully rather low.

Before it can be unlocked, players need to progress far enough in Remnant 2: The Forgotten Kingdom to have the statue move the spiral staircase. It happens about an hour or so in after pulling a lever.

How to Unlock the Invoker Archetype in Remnant 2 34534

Doing this will unlock two new pathways. One of these is the path forward, with the other revealing a lower section. Head down the lower path until you reach the bottom floor. There a room will be obscured behind the middle structure that leads to a small room with sand.

On the other side of the room will be a full set of Disciple armor. I strongly suggest collecting this if you haven’t already, followed by standing between the two piles of sand on the right side.

How to Unlock the Invoker Archetype in Remnant 2 3453

Those confused can see the location on the map above, which can also be confirmed by being a location where the arrow trap is broken. After roughly 5 minutes the room will fill with sand, and a black screen will appear. Please note, this will also happen if you stand in the wrong area, it will just result in death instead of the secret room.

How to Unlock the Invoker Archetype in Remnant 2 34534

After this you’ll wake up in a new room with a single item waiting for you. This is the Old Flute, which can be taken to Wallace to unlock the Invoker archetype.

What Can Invoker Do?

Invoker is a unique archetype that boosts the potency of skills, while buffing allies, and debuffing enemies. It’s a great archetype to have with you, as it offers a lot of benefits regardless of team, or solo play.

A full list of benefits to Invoker can be found below.

  • Prime Perk – Visionary: Doubles Base Skill Charges for all Archetypes. Skill activation reduces all Skill Cooldowns by 3 percent. For Heavy Weapons, doubles Heavy Weapon Base Ammo instead.
  • Skill – Way of Kaeula: Invoke Kaeula to cast a Tidal Wave dealing 594 Elemental damage and conjuring a 45m Rainstorm for 15.45 seconds. Allies inside Rainstorm gain Haste. Enemies gain Drenched, which reduces movement speed, and increase shock damage.
  • Skill – Way of Meidra: Invoke Meidra to heal all allies for 20 percent max health over 1.5 seconds and conjure a 30m Forest Growth for 15.45 seconds. After fully blooming, allies in the Forest Growth heal 2 percent Max Health per seconds and gain 3 percent of base damage dealt as Lifesteal. Enemies caught gain Gloom, which increased Elemental damage by 15 percent.
  • Skill – Way of Lydusa: Invoke Lydusa to infuse Ranged and Melee Damage with the power to apply Brittle (crit chance increases by 5 percent; critical damage by 15 percent), allowing the invoker to generate Sand Devils through damage or kills. Lasts 15.45 seconds. Reactivating the skill consumes all Sand Devils, and casts a 15m Sand Blast dealing 100 Elemental Damage per charge (max 10).
  • Perk – Entranced: Increases Skill Damage by 3 percent, Elemental Damage by 1.5 percent.
  • Perk – Communion: Reduces Skill Cooldowns by 1 percent once every 3 seconds for allies while an Invoker Skill is active.
  • Perk – Mind and Body: Increases Movement Speed by 5 percent while an Invoker Skill is active.
  • Perk – Soothsayer: On Relic use, extend the duration of active Invoker skills by 20 percent of the base duration. Cannot exceed base duration.
  • Trait – Gifted: Increases Skill Duration by 3 percent per level (30 percent cap)
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