How to Quickly Level in The First Descendant 34534

How to Quickly Level in The First Descendant

A big part of progressing in The First Descendant is leveling character, and gear. Doing so levels perks, abilities, allows for more modules, and more to help overcome the challenges that await. However, doing this can be a mixed bag. Later content is easier to level, though finishing it with these characters can be rather difficult. Likewise, low-level content is easy to do, though the actual value is rather low. Thankfully, there is a simple way to gain a lot of levels rather quickly.

How to Quickly Level in The First Descendant

Suggested Build

For this tactic it depends on what you hope to accomplish. For characters I strongly suggest using weapons you want to level that deal a lot of damage. There is no point in using sub-optimal weapons because that just makes your character worse overall. It also helps to check Ultimate rarity reactors for a given element. These require a specific Ultimate weapon to get the boost, which is well worth it even if you never use the weapon.

When it comes to leveling a specific weapon I suggest using Bunny. Her Speed of Light and Lightning Emission combo is the most accessible way to gain a lot of add kills. It’s also the best way to handle this tactic, though it can be done without.

How to Quickly Level

In Albion, there is a terminal near the start called Special Operations that allows players to matchmake with others to essentially do a hoard mode. These offer a wide variety of rewards, with the higher tiers being substantially more difficult to overcome.

How to Quickly Level in The First Descendant 345

Each of these will have rewards, and more importantly, give a lot of experience. In terms of experience I find Fortress to be the best, though one of the biggest limits will be other players. I find White-Night Gulch is the easiest to find others. It’s also good to look at rewards and simply pick based off unlockable items.

From here the basic idea is to just play. On Fortress I went from level 29 to 37 in 22 minutes. On White-Night Gulch I went from nine to 14 in just 9 minutes. The rate will obviously go up, or down, depending on a variety of factors. However, the overall speed is unmatched and a great way to bring a new character to usable levels without having to worry, or think about things.

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