Death End Re;Quest Code Z Launches in 2025 for PS4, PS5, and Switch 34534

Death End Re;Quest Code Z Launches in 2025 for PS4, PS5, and Switch

Idea Factory International announced Death End Re;Quest Code Z for PlayStation 4/5, and Nintendo Switch.

Details are limited, but Kei Nanameda will handle character design, with Makoto Kedouin, writer for Corpse Party, being the scenario supervisor. It was also confirmed Death End Re;Quest Code Z will follow a new protagonist, Sayaka Hitwatari, who enters a parallel universe where she is unable to tell friend from foe.

The YouTube listing also featured a slightly more expansive overview of what to expect.

Death end re;Quest Series Overview

A thrilling RPG in which a group of young people traverse a world tainted by bugs, death threatening them at every turn as they confront mysteries and danger.

It is packed with despair-inducing Death Ends written by Makoto Kedouin, acclaimed writer of Corpse Party.

The first installment of the Death end re;Quest series launched on PlayStation®4 in 2018 (Japan) and 2019 (NA/Europe), and its sequel, Death end re;Quest 2, was released on PlayStation®4 in 2020 (Japan/NA/Europe).

Death end re;Quest: Code Z Overview

Iris was born in World DE-1, a world that mirrors Earth in the 2000s. With her birth, a series of tragic loops was set in motion, which were gradually unraveled by the efforts of Arata Mizunashi and his team.

With her goodwill restored, Iris created a copy of World DE-1 named World DE-1.5. Here, feuds gave way to friendship, each person a perfect cog in a perfect world. But a new crisis threatens the peace…

A mysterious man has entered the fray, and he leads a group of people who look identical to the world’s former heroes. Our new hero, Sayaka Hiwatari, confronts the rising chaos, where friends and foes seem impossible to distinguish.

And so the battle with another world enters a new phase…


Finally, a limited edition was confirmed for Idea Factory’s store, but content and pricing were not revealed.

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