HexGaming Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Hex Phantom 324534

HexGaming Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Hex Phantom

Custom Controller Company HexGaming launched a Kickstarter campaign for their latest pro controller, Hex Phantom.

Hex Phantom is the culmination of HexGaming’s long history of modified DualSense controllers. This includes four mappable back buttons that support six different profiles (with a unique LED color), “mouse click” back buttons, and support for digital and adaptive triggers.

The most exciting feature is built-in DRIFIX modules that are designed to combat and eliminate drift.

What Our DRIFIX Module Can Do

The DRIFIX module is designed to address and correct stick drift, ensuring your joysticks remain accurate and responsive.

With our DRIFIX module, you can easily adjust and correct joystick deviations within a range of 0.12 units. This precise calibration ensures that your joystick returns to its central position, eliminating drift and restoring full control. 

What Our DRIFIX Module Can’t Do

DRIFIX corrects deviations within 0.12 units but can’t fix severe potentiometer damage. If deviations are too large, even with centering, the joystick may not reach full range values. In such cases, replace the joystick module. 

DRIFIX also can’t repair physical damage, electrical malfunctions, or incompatibility issues. Knowing these limits helps set realistic expectations for our DRIFIX Module.

How to Use Our DRIFIX Module

With our DRIFIX module and a calibration tool (that we’ll naturally include) you’re able to manually adjust your thumbsticks’ offset at any time to keep your gaming smooth, accurate, and enjoyable.


Along with fighting drift, both sides will support a wide variety of different joysticks. A total of eight are offered with the Kickstarter campaign, and include Concave Regular/Extended, and Domed Regular/Extended.

We’ve got 4 types of joystick combos in mind, to offer the versatility for any play style.

  • 2 Concave Regular: Make your thumbsticks more tactile with improved grip.
  • 2 Concave Extended Length & Width: Extra length and width for increased comfort and performance. 
  • 2 Domed Extended Length: Boosted height and raised surface for more detailed reaction.
  • 1 Domed Regular + 1 Concave Regular & Extended Width: Fine-tune your high precision control and maintain standard stability.

Hex Phantom also has an ergonomic grip, and non-slip rubber design. Back when we reviewed Rival Pro this was one of the stand out features, something that still holds true to this day.

HexGaming Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Hex Phantom 34534

Anyone interested can pre-order Hex Phantom in Chaos Black, Vision White, Shadow Grey, or Dream Blue. In addition to color there is an Essential Pack that includes the controller, 8 in 1 swappable thumbsticks, and DRIFIX calibration tool; and premium pack that adds a charging cable and carrying case.

While the MSRP is set at $239.99, Early Brid pricing brings it down to $189. When those sell out there will be a KickStarter special priced at $199. The premium pack will run $259, with the KickStarter special being $209. All controllers are set to be delivered in Aug. 2024.

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