Where To Find Black Dragon Scale in Granblue Fantasy: Relink 34534

Where To Find Black Dragon Scale in Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Odds are if you’re looking at this guide you went to upgrade your IV+, or V+ sigil only to realize you need a Black Dragon Scale. Unless you’re running a defensive build, then you’ll want a White Dragon Scale. Regardless of which scale you’re looking for, the answer to unlock them is exactly the same.

Unlock Proud Difficulty

The first step to unlock these treasures is to reach Proud difficulty rank. This is accomplished by finishing noted quests, plus the occasional rank up mission. In this case it’s against Bahamut Versa, which is a pretty difficult fight with an underpowered group.

Complete Almost Every Proud Quest

Once you unlock Proud difficulty you must complete another 15 quests at this level. To make this easier, a full list of required quests can be found below.

  • The Final Report
  • Blazing Trial
  • Grounded Trial
  • Stormy Trial
  • Frigid Trial
  • Worst Vacation Ever
  • Trade Barriers
  • Melting Pot of Hostility
  • Banquet of Ice and Corpses
  • For a Freer Folca
  • A Quest of Fire and Earth
  • A Quest of Frost and Storm
  • The Wolf and the Veil
  • Calamity Incarnate
  • As Fierce as the Silver Wolf
  • Memories of Fire

Once all of these are finished you’ll gain access to two new quests called Into the Abyss, and Thunderbolts and Lightning.

Obtaining Black Dragon Scale, and White Dragon Scale

Into the Abyss asks players to defeat a brand new boss called Evyl Blackwyrm. This is a surprisingly difficult fight, as Evyl Blackwyrm has a number of attacks that influence how you move. Unfortunately, beating it comes down to your ability to recognize patterns, and ultimately overcome them. However, Auto Revive on every player is extremely helpful. Especially at max level. Killing it will give multiple Black Dragon Scale.

Where To Find Black Dragon Scale in Granblue Fantasy: Relink 3453

The other quest, Thunderbolts and Lightning, includes another new boss called Radis Whitewyrm. Out of the two I think this is the harder fight due to the sheer number of paralyzation moves. In fact, it’s the only fight where using them might help. I also think Auto Revive is invaluable here and worth using.

Obtaining Protocol Fiber

Those who best both of these enemies will unlock another quest, The Automagod Strikes Back, plus the final enemy, Pyet-A. This is a fairly tricky fight, though anyone looking for some help can check out a not so good run of it.

Killing it will give Protocol Fiber, a resource used to awaken weapons.

Unlocking the Final Weapon

Finishing all of these fights will unlock the final quest, The Tale of Bahamut’s Rage. Among the possible drops is the final weapon. For anyone struggling with it we strongly suggest checking out our guide to obtain it.

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