How to Unlock the Final Weapon in Granblue Fantasy: Relink 234523 34534

How to Unlock the Final Weapon in Granblue Fantasy: Relink

How to Unlock the Final Weapon in Granblue Fantasy: Relink 234523

Anyone who paid attention to the weapon system in Granblue Fantasy: Relink no doubt noticed a missing weapon. It appears on the Weapon Awakening page, there is a place to upgrade it, but it isn’t exactly clear how to get it. Thankfully, that answer is really simple, but unfortunately it is quite the investment to get.

Unlock Proud Difficulty

The first step to unlock the final weapon is to reach Proud difficulty rank. This is accomplished by finishing noted quests, plus the occasional rank up mission. In this case it’s against Bahamut Versa, which is a pretty difficult fight with an underpowered group.

Complete Every Proud Quest

Once you unlock Proud difficulty you must complete every quest at this level. This is a total of 18 quests, not including The Final Report, which will really test your skills and ability. A full list of required quests can be found below.

  • The Final Report
  • Blazing Trial
  • Grounded Trial
  • Stormy Trial
  • Frigid Trial
  • Worst Vacation Ever
  • Trade Barriers
  • Melting Pot of Hostility
  • Banquet of Ice and Corpses
  • For a Freer Folca
  • A Quest of Fire and Earth
  • A Quest of Frost and Storm
  • The Wolf and the Veil
  • Calamity Incarnate
  • As Fierce as the Silver Wolf
  • Memories of Fire
  • Thunderbolts and Lightning
  • Into the Abyss
  • The Automagod Strikes Back

Most of these quests ask players to beat two or three enemies at once, making them extremely difficult to overcome. The last three are also against completely new bosses that will really test your abilities. They’re also some of the most demanding fights in the game, so don’t think getting there guarantees success.

Defeating Proto Bahamut

Once all of this is done a new quest, The Tale of Bahamut’s Rage, will unlock. This fight is based off the prologue, though it’s far more demanding than that version.

Those looking for a visual guide can check the video above, but if you want a more extensive guide keep reading.

Phase One (100 percent Health)

The first phase is a pretty simple introduction to the mechanics. Proto Bahamut will summon like six orbs, one of which is red, that you can shoot with the cannons. Each orb will go to a specific spot, with the red one covering most of the field, so it helps to destroy them.

Surprisingly, the AI is actually really good at taking them out. For whatever reason they will target the orbs, though usually you need to be on the turret for one to bother, though they won’t target Proto Bahamut itself (or at least not for long). My advice is to either shoot the orbs, or try to go all in on damaging Proto Bahamut. If you do enough hits/damage it will stun the boss and end the attack.

This section also follows a fixed rotation, so it should play out as follows…

  • Orb attack
  • Orb attack
  • Fly back and orb attack (same basic thing, just in a different position)
  • Orb attack
  • Crystal attack
  • Orb Attack
  • Attack the ship
  • Orb Attack
  • Crystal attack

I can’t speak to the rotation after this point since I usually brought it to phase (80 percent health) by either the ship attacking section, or following the second crystal. Speaking of these things, let’s briefly explain how they work.

Proto Bahamut will summon one of four crystals during these sections. The color determines arrangement, so yellow is one, red is two, blue is three, and green is four. I don’t know for a fact, but I do believe they all have the same total life pool, meaning all four green crystals is equal to one yellow and you get the point. They will also attack during this phase, meaning you need to pay attention or you’ll just burn lives. Destroying all of these will stun Proto Bahamut, though falling short will kill everyone on the ship.

For the ship attacking section you just need to know you’ll die if you’re on the gun. Simply get off, avoid the red bar, and then hurt the boss.

Phase Two (80 percent health)

The second phase will start with a giant laser hitting the middle of the ship. Make sure to run to a side to wait it out. After that this fight is basically the same as the first, just with a few more ship grabbing parts.

I wouldn’t sweat this part as I normally use the Link, Skybound Arts (SBA), Slow rotation to destroy Proto Bahamuts health. If you didn’t read our tips guide, which we suggest you check out, the rotation is pretty simple.

Once Proto Bahamut can be damaged it shouldn’t take long to gain a Link attack. This shouldn’t activate Link Time, though it will give a solid amount of damage. Next you want to use SBA. During this attack Proto Bahamut will be stunned and unable to move, or retaliate. After all four hit, do a couple more attacks followed by using something that gives Proto Bahamut a slow debuff (Arcadia, Stall, etc). If timed correctly and you have the damage required, it is possible to break Proto Bahamut’s Overdrive for even more time to attack.

After this it’s more of the same until Proto Bahamut hits 50 percent health.

Phase Three (50 percent health)

Phase three will start with Supernova. This move creates a purple circle in the middle, followed by two people being targeted (with AI you’re always first) and two circles appearing on the edge, concluding with the remaining two people gaining a circle. Basically, get out of the middle circle, then walk out of the side circle and you should complete this section. The AI never once screwed it up, so you’ll complete this objective as well. This ends with the same laser attack from the previous phase.

During the third phase two major changes happen. The first is Proto Bahamut will gain a laser attack, and there will be a golden orb attack.

For the laser, simply hold block by one of the mounted guns. If the first pass does not hit you, it should be safe to shoot Proto Bahamut until the second laser attack. I think I died like two times out of 40+ runs, so it’s very safe. The second laser will miss you, or at least one canon if it’s the wave, but I wouldn’t risk it and just hold block until it moves past you.

How to Unlock the Final Weapon in Granblue Fantasy: Relink 3453

The golden ball attack typically appears following bothersome attacks. Basically, you’re caught off-guard, one doesn’t get destroyed, and problems occur. Simply put, failing to break both with AI almost guarantees the run will end in failure.

What happens is each crystal gains a protective shield that is very beefy. With my current build I can just barely survive it. Online will likely be more forgiving, though there is honestly no reason to deal with them. At this point I only have that issue if the fight glitches, which seems to happen in the unlikely event both turrets are used by AI.

Like the previous section I suggest the Link, SBA, Slow rotation, though there is one caveat. If it’s not possible to gain your SBA back by the time Proto Bahamut hits 15 percent health you’re going to be in trouble.

Last Stand (15 percent health)

Unlike other Last Stands, Proto Bahamut is basically immune to Slow. It will work for like a second before going back to normal. Link Time, or SBA work the same as always.

The best advice I can give is to actually try to cheese the fight. Instead of saving everything for Last Stand, instead get Proto Bahamut to 16 percent, or less, and then use SBA. If you’re extremely lucky you’ll kill Proto Bahamut before it even does Last Stand. Though, even if you fail, it will likely have 6 percent or less health, and it’s more than doable.

Getting the Weapon

Following this fight you have a chance of getting the final weapon as a drop. The rate initially seemed pretty favorable, as I got three in four runs, but after grinding it a bit I was averaging one 25 percent of the time.

Unfortunately, there is no way to target them, though getting one eliminates it from the pool.

Is the Weapon Even Worth it?

Anyone planning to stick around long term will want these weapons. Not only do they have a ton of attack, they all come with a unique skill called Catastrophe.

How to Unlock the Final Weapon in Granblue Fantasy: Relink 234523

What is nice about this skill is any attack build will always have it active. Better yet, it synergies perfectly with Tyranny, which is the best attack skill in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

Fully Awakened Weapon

Beyond this there is also a weapon unique to fully awakening. It’s a sizable grind, as the final level of awakening requires every weapon maxed out for a single character, but well worth it for anyone chasing after the platinum.

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