How to Defeat Mad Donkey in Lies of P 34534

How to Defeat Mad Donkey in Lies of P

After a fairly easy first boss, Lies of P cranks up the difficulty with Mad Donkey. What makes this boss difficult isn’t their attacks per se, it’s the aggression they have. Their attacks feel unrelenting with a wide area and sizable damage. It makes things rough and will likely result in more than a few deaths. Thankfully, there are some tricks to make him a bit easier to deal with.

How to Defeat Mad Donkey in Lies of P

Suggested Build

As you might’ve guessed, the Krat Police Baton weapon works quite well against him. I personally kept with the Puppet Saber because it was seemingly easier to damage him, but it is worth considering if you’re struggling.

In addition to that, by this point you should have the Life Amulet, LADA F150 Frame, and Workshop Union Standard Insulation Converter items. If you lack any of these I would retrace your path through this area since they can be pretty useful.

Finally, the last building where an enemy is hiding has an elevator inside. Fixing it will take you to the Elysion Boulevard Stargazer for a simple shortcut. This is also a great way to return to that vender and purchase Electric Coil Stick. This does not work well against Mad Donkey, but it’s extremely effective against puppets. With with weapon you can minimize damage taken, allowing you to focus a bit more on Mad Donkey.

Defeating Mad Donkey

First and foremost, it helps to know Puppet String can be used to disorient and break Mad Donkey’s attacks. I would frequently wait for an attack, ideally the unblockable, and use it to catch him off guard. It works fairly well, though you need to be prepared to attack and immediately defend if you go this route.

In addition to this, Fable Art buffs like Concentrate or Strike Chance are far more useful than attacks like Storm Slash. Anytime I used a powerful attack I was promptly punished. I wouldn’t rely on these moves too much, though the boost in damage can make a pretty big difference.

Ultimately your goal is to get Mad Donkey to about 45 percent. With enough aggression this was around where I could stagger him. Be warned, staggering him requires good timing and will get you killed if you use it haphazardly. If you manage to land this hit on him you’ll be able to Fatally Attack him.

For the rest of the fight your goal should be to get behind Mad Donkey. Doing this will allow you to perform a Fatal Attack. Please note, getting the stagger Fatal Attack does not remove the second Fatal Attack, but doing the Fatal Attack from behind can only be performed once. This can also be performed earlier, though I like it at the end because it can generate energy to get a heal.

If landing the Fatal Attack isn’t enough to win, simply play the rest of the fight safe. Moments like this tend to be when people make mistakes and you don’t want to blow your chance to win on a careless move.

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