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Lies of P Ending Guide

There are a lot of choices you’ll have to make playing through Lies of P. Some will result in greater rewards, whereas others will simply result in someone dying. This can make unlocking all three endings fairly stressful, especially if you’re looking to do a single perfect run. Thankfully, this isn’t overly difficult, though knowing the road there makes it a lot easier.

Editor’s Note: Since this guide is meant to help people at various points in the story we’re purposefully vague about certain details.

What Decisions Matter?

While it’s possible some details in this guide might be off, as near as we can tell two choices in the final chapter determine which ending you receive. This means you can freely spend resources, won’t have to worry about some obtuse requirements, or restrict yourself to unenjoyable gameplay.

Real Boy Ending

Regardless of what say or do you’ll always have the option to unlock this ending. This even includes going down the other ending paths.

To unlock it, simply select the option to give up. It will end your adventure, give a chilling cutscene, and play a small scene after the credits. By opting out of New Game+ you can return to the completed world and get the trophy/achievement The Story of One Father by collecting the letter from his room and reading it.

Free from the Puppet String

To get this ending you basically need to be on a “truth” run. Basically, anytime you have the option to lie or tell the truth, you need to coldly state it. You do not need 100 percent truth to get the ending, simply more truths than lies.

This is what I’d consider a bad ending, as it merely concludes the story without much else.

Rise of P

Rise of P appears to be the “true end,” largely because it features several additional scenes not found on the previous paths. Like Free from the Puppet String, the ending is dictated by the number of lies you tell. Again, it doesn’t need to be 100 percent, just more than truth.

Exactly like Free from the Puppet String, the same final boss must be defeated to end this ending. It will play out slightly differently from the previous endings, plus include a final scene that ultimately concludes the narrative.

Similar to Real Boy, playing in post game will give a letter found in the same location for the trophy/achievement The Story of the Blue Butterfly. We also got the trophy/achievement Pianist of Krat by playing one last song on the piano.

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