How to Defeat Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P 43543

How to Defeat Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P

After a fairly easy boss and one that challenged various skills, Scrapped Watchman requires a bit more to be successful. This is largely due to his brutal second phase where lightning makes it incredibly easy to take damage. Thankfully, there are some tricks to make this a lot easier if you’re struggling and progress forward in Lies of P.

How to Defeat Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P

Suggested Build

At this point you should the Life Amulet, Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet, LADA F150 Frame, and Workshop Union Standard Insulation Converter. I strongly suggest making sure you have all of these, as they will make staying alive/winning a lot easier.

Another item that is extremely helpful to have is the Electric Coil Stick weapon. This is obtained from the Inside The House on Elysion Boulevard vender and extremely useful against puppets in general. If you lack it, simply obtain some Ergo and purchase it.

If you have all of these items it’s entirely possible your weight now reads heavy. A capacity of nine will get you to the point where it transitions back to slightly heavy. Another fairly useful trick is simply removing your secondary weapon. It isn’t required for this section and only really useful to get out of having to sharpen your weapon.

Finally, it helps to consider different weapon combos. Puppet’s saber handle can add some attack and reduce weight. This guide assumes you won’t do this, but it is important to remember that option exists if you need it.

Defeating Scrapped Watchman

The first phase is straightforward. Bait attacks, block/dodge them, followed by punishing. It shouldn’t be too difficult, though there are two tricks to speed things up.

When it’s safe and you’re within range, it’s extremely useful to do a Rush Smash Fable Art. This will disorient Scrapped Watchman for a bit and in some cases even open him up to a Fatal Attack. In addition to that, keeping enough pressure on him to hit about 40 percent damage will also open him up to a Fatal Attack.

How to Defeat Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P 3453

Please note, when he is down for a Fatal Attack you must stand in the red circle to perform it. The window to do damage is about two attacks worth, so I strongly suggest just getting in position immediately.

During the second phase you only need to know two things. When he goes to pounce with his right arm (it will be left from your perspective) it’s a grab. Do not block it or you will take substantial damage. Is cool to watch if you want to see it though. Next, slams, red attacks, and jumps create fields of lightning. Make sure to account for this. I can also say if he does the double windup slam, blocking the first hit and dodging the second is ideal to avoid all lightning.

When done correctly you should get to this part with enough Fable Arts to do the Rush Smash a second time. If you’re falling a bit behind you might want to use a Fable Catalyst to ensure you get it. Remember, even if you only have three on your person, you should have 20+ banked if you haven’t used them.

Overall, this fight comes down to knowing when to attack and defend. He will not relent, so you need to make the most of literally any opportunity he gives. Especially during the second phase where the openings are even smaller.

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