How to Defeat Puppet of the Future in Lies of P 34534

How to Defeat Puppet of the Future in Lies of P

Large bosses tend to be a nightmare in games like Lies of P. While they’re typically fairly slow, they make up for it with range and high damage. Instead of allowing a couple mistakes they’re pass/fail enemies that can take ages to overcome. In the event you’re worried about Puppet of the Future, it’s actually pretty easy.

Do I Need to Defeat Puppet of the Future?

I don’t think anything requires this enemy to die. However, it gives a single Quartz upon defeat. If you earned the Trinity Key and got the Quartz from there you’ll have enough to go into the next boss battle with another P-Organ perk.

How to Defeat Puppet of the Future in Lies of P 34534

Another reason to do this fight is to get the Booster Glaive weapon. Technically it isn’t required, I ran past it and was able to claim it, though you might as well take the extra three minutes to attempt the fight.

Suggested Build

This fight shouldn’t require any specific set up to be successful against Puppet of the Future. At most you might want to unequip your secondary weapon to reduce weight. Beyond that the Electric Coil Stick works extremely well.

Defeating Puppet of the Future

All you need to do is engage, wait for an attack, move back, and then rush to deal damage. If you do this, attacking no more than twice, you should defeat it without taking damage.

I can say dealing around 80 percent damage to it will unlock the Fatal Attack. This is another specific location one, so get there and deal a massive blow against it. The only other thing I will note is this enemy is terrible for weapon durability. I had to sharpen once and almost got to the point where I needed to a second time. Keep this in mind before going crazy with attacks.

Later Chapter Encounters

Towards the end of Lies of P you’ll encounter two more Puppets of the Future. These are just as easy to kill, though standing in poisonous water can be annoying, I just suggest killing the turret before bothering with them. Like the first Puppet, both give a free Quartz upon their death.

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