How to Defeat King's Flame Fuoco in Lies of P 43534

How to Defeat King’s Flame Fuoco in Lies of P

While I wouldn’t say Lies of P is a difficult game, King’s Flame, Fuoco absolutely takes things to another level. This machine is basically what you’d expect Puppet of the Future to be, just with a little more to make it extra annoying. Despite this, there are more than a few things you can do to make King’s Flame, Fuoco a lot easier.

How to Defeat King’s Flame Fuoco in Lies of P

Get the Stargazer

Just before fighting King’s Flame, Fuoco there will be a refinery area that you need to pass through. It can be tempting to rush forward, but you should explore the area first. One of the easiest places to miss is a staircase to the second floor located on the far left side near the entrance. This will give you a Stargazer that you can use as a checkpoint.

Talking to the NPC next to the Stargazer will give an emote, along roughly five items hidden in the upper area. It’s a great place to explore before fighting this nightmare of a boss.

Suggested Build

Before starting this fight you need to obtain the Workshop Union Standard Radiation Converter. This is a defensive item that specializes in fire and enhances resistance to Overheat. It’s invaluable for this boss and situations where enemies have flame attacks.

How to Defeat King's Flame, Fuoco in Lies of P 34534

Unfortunately, I did not take detailed notes on every enemy drop, but I do believe this drops from the large enemy right before King’s Flame, Fuoco. Killing it will also permanently remove it from the world, so it’s good to do regardless.

Another useful item is the Fulminis Legion Arm. This is a close range attack that can be charged to deal a powerful Electrical Blitz attack. Two of these will shock the boss, giving some free damage for the fight.

I also created a sword using Puppet’s Saber Blade and Fire Axe Handle. If you’re missing either item, I strongly suggest obtaining them. Puppet’s Saber can be purchased from the first vender in chapter one. Fire Axe is a bit more involved and requires you to venture to the area where the balls of fire area in chapter three. At the end of the hallway it will be inside a black chest.

Finally, two Quartz can be obtained in chapter three. The first comes from opening the Trinity door, which can be found when circling back to the midpoint and the other from killing Puppet of the Future. I suggest using these to boost your power. Those who explore a bit more should have amble Hidden Moonstone. For the Puppet’s Saber combo it will bring the attack to 126. It isn’t much, but it can add up.

Defeating King’s Flame, Fuoco

At the start you’ll want to bait King’s Flame, Fuoco to attack. Avoid it and immediately hit it with a charged Fulmini’s blast. Bait another attack and do the same exact thing. Assuming this go perfectly, you’ll want to wait until there is a sizable opening. The triple swing punch or dashing attack are awesome moves to punish. When you see either unleash a furry of attacks. If done correctly, it will briefly stun King’s Flame, Fuoco just long enough to burn all your stamina and escape.

Around this point the boss should be at roughly 50 percent health. When this occurs the fight will transition to phase two. You can tell this by King’s Flame, Fuoco doing a move that sets the ground on fire. I found it was difficult to avoid at close range, with even a moment of touching causing Overheat, so get as much distance as possible. After a certain point it simply won’t reach you and you can get ready to attack.

There are three things to keep in mind about this section of the fight. The black ooze it shoots will not deal damage to you unless you have some amount of Overheat; ranged attacks can not hit you if you’re next to it; and it’s easiest done by being extremely aggressive next to the boss.

How to Defeat King's Flame Fuoco in Lies of P 43534

What will ideally happen is Storm Slash will fully charge soon after entering this phase. Save it for a moment you’re sure will deal damage to King’s Flame, Fuoco and just keep the pressure on it. When it has about 30 percent health left I got the option for a Fatal Attack. This is another one with a specific position, so get there and deal as much damage as possible.

Typically with 10 to 15 percent health it will do another ground flame attack. When you see this I strongly suggest weighing your options. If you can get enough range to avoid it completely, do that immediately. If not, make a last stand. I can confirm you should be able to finish it with even 15 percent health left, it will just be a pass/fail event. Doing this will take a lot of damage, though you’re in a position where anything short of taking no damage is basically the same as trying to burn the boss. Ideally things will work out and it will finally die.

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