How to Progress in Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society 1

How to Progress in Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society

Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society and other games in the genre are known for being cryptic and confusing. Often times you’ll need to pay attention to dialogue, randomly try things until something works, or examine every map to see if anything changed. If you’re reading this guide, you probably experienced one of these and want clear instructions on how to progress in Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society. Thankfully, the solution is often simple, even if it doesn’t seem it.

About this Guide

While this guide will cover how to finish every part of Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society, I kept it simple so there is still some sense of discovery. In addition to that, due to the extreme length, some unimportant details, such as every time the game literally tells you to return to the base, are not mentioned. Likewise, most boss battles will not be explained beyond what they are, unless that is a spoiler, and their weakness. For the final story, and post game bosses, an expanded version can be found elsewhere, as they’re both really demanding fights.


Due to length, you can find all the maps on this page.

Understanding Coordinates

Since maps include numbers, every location should be the vertical (top), followed by horizontal (left side).

How to Progress in Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society

Getting the Alchemy Kettle

  • Go to Narthex B2 for a boss fight (17:22). It’s against a Woodoom, so pierce and flame damage work best.
  • At the start of Narthex B1, break 13:18, and collect the Catalog Obscura Curio d’art
  • Go to Narthex B3 and talk to Gartan (14:20) followed by getting the magic herbs at 16:25
  • Go to Narthex B3, break the wall at 07:16, and keep moving forward to collect the Iron Scrap (12:15)
  • Go to Narthex B4 (use the pitfall at 16:22), and then move to 19:18 to find the Doll Parts

Open the Door to Apse

  • Go to Narthex B5 and find Gartan (17:23)
  • Purchase Magic Chalk from the General Store, go to 22:22 on Narthex B5, and interact with the door to open it to find the Wardrobe to Apse

Find the Yellow Transept

  • Go to 23:13 on Apse Floor 1 to find a sealed door
  • Purchase Find Traces of Magic from Witch Petition 
  • Return to the room with Gartan (23:11), use Shine Light and look for paintings with a white pool under them. These need to be straight, and the others need to be crooked. 
  • Go to Apse Floor 2 and make it to 25:10. This will trigger a power up, which you need to return to the base and get
  • Return to Apse Floor 2 and you’ll find the Wardrobe to the Yellow Transept at 23:6

Locate the Gooey Darkness

  • Explore layer 1 of Yellow Transept to unlock the path to 16:09
  • At 16:07 you’ll find an optional Thunder Colt boss. You can either fight it using pierce, or break the wall to the right to progress forward. Keep moving forward until you hit 21:06. When you touch the Gooey Darkness you’ll need to return to the base for a power up

Make the Talisman

  • All three items are hidden in normal Yellow Transept chests. It’s possible you might have one or more, so verify on your map before heading there.
    • Monster Mucus – Floor 1 (23:12)
    • Blood Gem – Floor 2 (13:12)
    • Dusk Myrrh – Floor 3 (14:19)

Locate the Ancient Coin of Est

  • Optional: Before heading off, I strongly suggest purchasing the Make Talisman Stronger Witch Petitions. These increase your time in the area, and you’ll need multiple upgrades to finish stuff later.
  • Go back to Apse Layer 1 and head to the Gooey Darkness (23:22)
  • You’ll find the Ancient Coin of Est Curio d’art at 28:22

Locating Testorant

  • Head to the Gooey Darkness found in Yellow Transept Layer 2 (21:06)
  • Navigate to 25:12 to find the Testorant Curio d’art

Locate the Crimson Transept

  • Make it to Apse Floor 5. If you’re struggling, progress to Floor 3, go to 13:14, break the left wall, move forward to 07:15, break the wall directly in front of you and move forward.
  • Boss Fight (13:18) against two Caterpil Guards. They’re not too difficult if you have flame or slash attacks and someone who can withstand a good number of hits.
  • Move forward to 13:15.
  • With Darklight unlocked, head back to 13:15 on Apse Floor 5, use it and progress forward to find the gateway to the Crimson Transept (13:11)

Locate the Screw of Ghalaya

  • Explore the location to unlock the five doors starting at 16:04 on Crimson Transept Great Labyrinth
  • Boss Fight (06:04) against a Lion Marquis. Given it has a lot of health, make sure you have blunt, fog, or pierce damage ready. They have just over 30,000 health, so make sure you have something blunt, fog, or pierce base to maximize damage.
  • Regardless of how well you perform against the boss, go to the lower level. All you’ll do is find an event that forces you to return to the base.
  • Return to 06:03 on Crimson Transept Underground. This Gooey Darkness has warp points, so go to 03:04, 26:19, and you’ll find the Screw of Ghalaya Curio d’art at 05:23.

Locate Suuya’s Mirror

  • Use Apse Gate III to go directly to Floor 5. Make your way to 20:16 where you can high jump to another area. Keep moving forward until you hit 20:11, which will indicate you need to return.
  • Head back to this location and go to 27:13. This requires going through the Gooey Darkness, moving to the top right. Once you’re safe, keep moving forward and you’ll find a second Gooey Darkness section. Go south until you reach the gate. At this point, simply break the opposite wall (27:13) to get quick access to Suuya’s Mirror Curio d’arts.

Make the Salve 

  • Use Apse Gate III and continue down to Floor 7. At 10:12 you’ll find an event where you need to defeat a King HHH. This is not a hard fight per se, just be warned it can do a lot of damage through its Great Roar attack.
  • Progress to Floor 8. If you’re having trouble, you can break a wall at 07:20 to reveal stairs.
  • Move to 13:11 on Apse Floor 8 to find the Wardrobe to Indigo Transept. Use it, take a couple steps, and you’ll trigger an event that unlocks the ability to swim.
  • Optional: Purchase Get Around Underwater upgrades from Witch Petition to increase your time underwater.
  • Return to Indigo Transept and locate the following chests:
    • Golden Slime Mold – Waterway 1 (14:17)
    • False Snake Egg – Waterway 2 (14:19)
    • Rueful Fig – Waterway 2 (24:17)

Locate the Clairvoyance Medallion

  • Go back to Indigo Transept and progress to Waterway 3. 
  • Work your way to the Gooey Darkness zone (23:06). Go left to the warp panel (12:04), go left again and you’ll find the the Clairvoyance Medallion Curio d’art at 06:21.

Locate the Ancient Sage’s Book

  • Use Apse IV and go to Floor 9. Note: There are invisible platforms that Shine Light can reveal.
  • Move to 10:14 to go to the Deepest Tier
  • Progress to 25:25 to open the gate, and then go to 21:15 for the Birdcage Casket.
  • Return to Narthex B1 and break the wall at 12:13.
  • Keep moving forward until you reach B7 Lowest Floor
  • Go into the Gooey Darkness and you’ll find the Ancient Sage’s Book Curio d’art at 05:04

Locate the Vase of Merkatza

  • Return to Apse Floor 9
  • Boss Fight (11:22) against a Meat Soldier. They are really weak to most things, with fire doing the most damage.
  • Talk to Gartan (09:22). He will tell you to activate the seven Space Mutation Devices, which are the various Moon Crests scattered throughout Apse. Please note, each of these give a cutscene after activating.
    • Floor 1 – 15:21
    • Floor 2 – 07:09
    • Floor 4 – 24:09
    • Floor 5 – 24:08
    • Floor 6 – 14:10
    • Floor 7 – 08:12
    • Floor 9 – 19:07
  • Talk to Gartan on Apse Floor 9 (11:22) again to enter the Gooey Darkness.
  • At 08:22 you’ll find the Vase of Merkatza Curio d’art
  • Head to Apse Innermost Level and progress to 18:15. Leave a Mud Exit here, return to base, and then use that Mud Exit. Open the gate to reveal the Wardrobe to Chancel.

Searching Chancel

  • To progress in Chancel you need to make it to specific points, to unlock other specific points. Each section involves talking to Gartan (red event) and him opening a door (green event). 
    • Gartan (19:28), Gate (17:22)
    • Gartan (22:12), Gate (27:12)
    • To open the gate, you need to jump on the invisible platform (24:09) and then jump over to 20:08 for key.
    • Gartan (16:02), Gate (12:09)
    • Gartan (08:13), Gate (06:19)
  • Since this next section involves avoiding multiple powerful enemies, I strongly suggest getting your Talisman Booster to at least level III.
  • Boss Fight (16:15) against a statue. Since it constantly summons adds, ignore them and use as much pierce damage as you can to quickly kill it.
  • After the fight you’ll unlock the “Bad Ending”

Figure Out What is Missing

  • Start by ignoring the Witch Dispatch notification. It will replay the ending and just be a waste of time.
  • The missing item is obtained through “The Mob Wants Blood” Request Memo. If you don’t have it, simply complete Request Memos until it appears.
  • To complete this Request Memo you need to find a Wicked Idol. The easiest one to obtain is at Chancel Grand Necrohall (19:08).
  • Once you obtain the Screw of Ghalaya you need to return to Narthex. 
  • Go to 06:23 on Narthex B1. Keep moving forward until you make it to B4. When you reach 09:20, break the wall to the right, jump across, and then push the button at 11:19. This will open the 11:17 gate on B4, which is your next destination. 
  • After getting to 11:17 on Narthex B4, move forward until you reach 15:13 on B6. Talking to Gartan will give you the Gartan’s Soul Pact.
  • Progress to B7 Lowest Floor and go to 20:12 for an event, followed by meeting the Masked Man at 20:07.
  • Now you can complete the Witch Dispatch to progress forward in the story. Please Note: Spend any mana you have before doing. The cut scene is also identical besides the post credit scene.

New Game+

At this point you’ll be asked if you want to begin the story of Galleria Labyrinth from the beginning. While you can say no and clean up things on your existing file, you need to say yes to continue with the adventure. 

After agreeing to restart, the opening will play with everything set in a more modern time. This time you’ll be playing as Nachi, and will need to make a new team. I strongly suggest making a diverse team, as it takes a while to find Soul Vials.

Unlike the previous adventure, every dungeon takes place in a location called “Apartment.” It looks like, well, an apartment, with new enemies/challenges to overcome. The way this dungeon works is incredibly simple. Most floors are random, with the “Fixed Floors” having objectives that advance the narrative.

While this mode can take a while to overcome, there are some tricks to make it easier. For starters, some floors (12F, 66F, and 96F) have Wardrobes that act as a checkpoint. In addition to that, every Fixed Floor stage has an elevator, which can be used to quickly progress forward. So, even if you get to Floor 12 for the Wardrobe, you can go back to the elevator and immediately jump to Floor 18, 24, 30, etc. Just keep in mind some floors can not be skipped to using the elevator, but can be with the Special Express Ticket.

This is an optional item you can obtain that allows you to jump to the next fixed floor. It’s great for progression, though you’ll eventually fall behind enemies. If that happens, using a spoon to explore floors for loot is a fantastic trick to quickly power up.

Even though you probably won’t need a guide for these sections, you can find an overview of the key points for this part of the adventure below.

  • Floor 6 – Empty Vial (05:04)
  • Floor 12 – Sliced Woodchip (12:12)
    • Wardrobe (08:14)
  • Floor 18 – Ancient Tool (03:22)
    • Boss Fight (01:28) against three Rattlebods. They’re not strong, but they have good resistance.
    • Special Express Ticket (02:29). It will ask for money, but even if you lack it you’ll get the item
  • Floor 24 – Crimson Robe (16:30).
    • All you need to do is return to the base to progress forward
  • Floor 30 – Pot of Honey (30:27)
  • Floor 36 – Destiny Scarf (24:19)
  • Floor 42 – Magic Leaves (31:03 Normal Chest)
  • Floor 48 – Golden Garlic (20:07)
    • Boss Fight (13:06) against two Automations. They’re strong against everything besides blunt
  • Floor 54 – Antique Bag (05:04)
  • Floor 60 – Hanging Fruit (07:14 Normal Chest)
  • Floor 66 – Mana Pot (05:23)
    • Wardrobe (00:29)
  • Floor 72 – Sad Letter (16:26)
  • Floor 78 – Bloody Demon Mucus (31:25 Normal Chest)
  • Floor 84 – Bracco Leaves (20:19 Normal Chest)
  • Floor 90 – Otherworldly Book (25:07)
    • Boss Fight (29:01) against like 13 Clankbots. This can be hard, but Lamp Fog or a similar fog based Donum can easily defeat them.
  • Floor 96 – Bloodstained Mittens (14:07)
    • Wardrobe (16:01)

After viewing this cutscene you’ll have access to your previous characters/dungeons, plus some other things.

Find the Nine Curio d’arts… Again

Similar to the Apartment, these are largely straightforward. You’ll go to a specific spot, teleport to Apse Gap – Hidden Room and either do an event at 15:15, or 15:10. Due to this, the following section will be simplified.

  • Head to Narthex B1. Talk to Gartan (13:18) and he will give you Red Stone Dust.
  • Select Yellow Transept and go to 21:06 on Layer 2. At 15:10 you’ll find Testorant.
  • Go to 23:22 on Apse Floor 1 and you’ll get the Ancient Coin of Est at 15:10
  • Make your way to 06:07 in Crimson Transept Underground, with the Screw of Ghalaya waiting for you at 15:10
  • Use Apse III and go to 26:06. Interact with the picture at 15:15, leave a Mud Exit, return to base, use the Mud Exit, and finally obtain Suuya’s Mirror at 15:10
  • Go to the Indigo Transept and make your way to 23:05 on Waterway 3. At 15:10 you’ll find the Clairvoyance Medallion. Leave a Mud Exit and return to base.
  • Return to Narthex B1 and use the 12:13 path to go to B7 Lowest Level. Interact with the event at 15:15, leave a Mud Exit, return to the base.
  • Use the Narthex Mud Exit, go to 15:11 to trigger an event. Leave a Mud Exit and return to the base.
  • Go back to Narthex via the Mud Exit, and you’ll finally get the Ancient Sage’s Book at 15:15
  • Use Apse IV and go to 09:22 on Floor 9. Move to 15:15 to collect the final Curio, the Vase of Merkatza. 
  • Gartan will use Space Mutation Devices on you, which prevents you from using Witch Report.

Remove the Space Mutation Device

  • Like last time, you need to revisit all the Space Mutation Devices (Moon Crests). Unlike last time you also need to get the three from Transept, the one on the Innermost Layer of Apse, and the final one on Chancel. Each of these will also have a brief cutscene.
    • Apse Floor 1 – 15:21
    • Apse Floor 2 – 07:09
    • Apse Floor 4 – 24:09
    • Apse Floor 5 – 24:08
    • Apse Floor 6 – 14:10
    • Apse Floor 7 – 08:12
    • Apse Floor 9 – 19:07
    • Apse Innermost Level – 10:25
    • Yellow Transept Layer 1 – 22:12
    • Crimson Transept Great Labyrinth – 05:14
    • Indigo Transept Waterway 3 – 17:07 (use the Mud Exit if you left one)
    • Chancel Grand Necrohall – 27:18
  • After collecting them all you’ll have a boss fight against an “unidentified.” This boss is not hard per se, but it is largely immune to magic and has a lot of AoE attacks. You’re best using slash attacks or trying to stun lock it.

Finish the Apartment

  • Enter the apartment again and progress forward. This is exactly the same as last time, except you have all your previous gear making it a lot easier.
  • Floor 102 – Saint’s Red Wine (05:06)
  • Floor 108 – Rare Pills (12:25)
  • Floor 114 – Emerald Magnet (28:29)
  • Floor 120 – Black Cat Ornament (19:09)
  • Floor 126 – Hide the Curios (15:13). If you lack this option, return after viewing all the previous Witch Reports.
    • Boss Battle (15:18) against two Golden Lion Kings. These enemies are weak to pierce, and to a lesser extent blunt and fog. You can also avoid this fight by just going left.
    • Wardrobe (11:14) 
  • Go to Witch Petition and purchase Go to the Labyrinth. This will reveal a new location, Cartiervita.

Exploring Cartiervita 

This works similar to the Apartment dungeon. Every six floors there is an event that will play a brief cutscene that you need to view to progress forward. If it doesn’t appear, you need to do Witch Report and then return to the spot.

Like the Apartment there is also a Fake Special Express Ticket you can buy from Witch Petition to skip floors. I strongly suggest it to save time, but if you want to explore there is a lot of good loot here.

To make things easier, I am only going to note important elements since everything else is on the map.

  • Floor 18 – Wardrobe (10:23)
  • Floor 24 – Boss Fight (28:25) against three Himoon Labar enemies. It isn’t too bad, especially if you have pierce, though be prepared to get hit with multiple magic attacks.
  • Floor 36 – Wardrobe (22:05). Be warned, this stage is almost entirely moving floors. Make sure you have Escape Moving Floors unlocked from Witch Petition
  • Floor 60 – Wardrobe (28:29)
    • Boss Fight (20:29) against two Super Gotchas and a Sweet Liddy. Basically, you need to kill the two Super Gotchas before they become too much of a problem with Toy Rampage. Fog/Mud magic attacks help a lot, as do weapons with those elements.
  • Floor 72 – This is another moving floor stage and you must have Escape Moving Floors if you want to get the event.
  • Floor 84 – After finishing this floor there is a boss battle after the Witch Report segment.
    • This boss is weak to pierce and slash damage. While that will help, this boss requires actual tactics to come out alive. Before starting, stock up on Paper Purified Dolls. These will nullify one of their attacks, making it extremely useful. From there, you absolutely must have one team in the Rearguard. Beyond that, your goal is to kill them as quickly as possible. Literally nothing else matters in this fight, since the boss summons extremely powerful Magia – Gia and if the fight goes on too long, they will dominate you. Finally, on their death they use a move called “Curtain Call.” As the name suggests, it’s an instant kill AoE that will absolutely kill any Vanguard. If you have Magia – Gia’s to deal with, move everyone to the rear before killing the boss, even if it reduces your damage, as it will save their life. Once the boss is dead, you’re free to move them back.
  • Floor 96 – Boss Fight (27:09) against a Wundaboo. You best bet is stun locking with pierce damage
  • Floor 102 – Wardrobe (20:13)

Galleria Manor

  • After the cutscene you’ll gain access to Galleria Manor. However, to progress in the dungeon you need to pass the Witch Petition Nullify Miasma. 
  • To finish this section you need to defeat the nine pillars. These are scattered throughout the location for you to defeat, with each area having three of them. Every boss battle includes a Pillar of Fools, and two Damu Shimoon. My advice is kill the pillar as quickly as possible. I am 99 percent sure the add is determined by how many you destroyed, though I unfortunately didn’t test this. In the event it’s located based, I noted where the most powerful/annoying adds I encountered are. I can confirm I fought Toad, Chinhead, Nablus, Magic Stone, Wundaboo, Meat Soldier, Foo-Udon, and Garara Beast in this order.
    • Garden Corridor 1 – 28:15 
    • Garden Corridor 1 – 05:04
    • Garden Corridor 1 – 23:02
    • Garden Corridor 2 – 26:12
    • Garden Corridor 2 – 18:04 (Wundaboo)
    • Garden Corridor 2 – 13:27
    • Garden Corridor 3 – 03:05 (Foo-Udon)
    • Garden Corridor 3 – 28:12
    • Garden Corridor 3 – 19:28
  • Once all nine bosses are defeated, go to 16:14 on Garden Corridor 3, and move to 16:05 for a boss fight. This is against five enemies, and not particularly special. The only advice I can give you is to kill the copies, as they have a third the health of the main one, and all of them need to die to win.

Explore Uru Manor

  • Like with Galleria Manor, you need another Nullify Miasma Fantiebility from Witch Petition. 
  • Before heading to Uru Manor, make sure you have every Curio (Complete Collection trophy unlocked). If you’re missing one, look at the maps page. Every floor has one, besides Chancel Grand Necrohall, with Curio d’art floors having two.
  • Simply put, progressing in Uru Manor sucks. What you need to do is trigger four messages that say this goes on and on. The four I got were at 29:24 and 18:02 on Upper Temporal Fold, and 07:15 and 29:17 on Lower Temporal Fold. Doing this will unlock an event at 15:24 on Upper Temporal Fold.
  • Keep following the event markers until you eventually end up at the boss. Even if the path seems wrong, it will eventually lead to the boss.
  • Boss Fight x2 (18:01). Due to the complexity, you can find a full guide here.

True End

After beating the game you’ll have the opportunity to create another clear game file. Do that, load it, agree to continue your search, and this will start the post-game adventure.

  • Head back to Narthex B7 Lowest Floor and visit Bockin at 20:07. This will unlock the Grand Corridor. 
  • Before you can do anything in the Grand Corridor, you need to purchase another Nullify Miasma, and Open Heavy Doors Witch Petitions. Once you have that, drop your karma to zero, and head to the Grand Corridor.
  • The first floor isn’t too bad in terms of difficulty, but it will take a while since it uses the full map (more or less). The general idea is to constantly progress forward, open gates, move to said gates, and keep going until most of the map is revealed.
  • Boss Fight (18:12) against a Chaotic Chaos, and five Dark Shrouds. The adds are weak to most things, so you should start by finishing them off as quickly as possible. Chaotic Chaos is also easy if you have a lot of pierce damage.
  • The second floor is the same concept. Run around, find switches, push forward.
  • Boss Fight (17:09) against another Chaotic Chaos, but this time she will have two Belmundon with her. Focus on the adds before bothering with Chaotic Chaos.
  • Floor three is a lot more straightforward than the previous two floors. The concept is the same, just fewer places to go/see. When you make it to 16:01 it’s a brief cutscene and not a boss battle. 
  • The middle section is a basic square that shouldn’t give you any issues, but the third can be rough. This area involves hiding from powerful enemies in small gaps in the wall. What makes this hard, besides failing to plan for that, are the various hole drops. The issue isn’t avoiding them, it’s enemies don’t move until after you jump. You must have a two square difference to avoid fighting the enemy. In addition to that, if you time it incorrectly, you’ll often escape in a way that makes you fall down the hole. I suggest using mud exits as checkpoints and taking it slow. When you make it to the warp it will be a few steps away from your goal of 05:09, which is a boss fight. If you’re weak, I suggest placing a Mud Exit by the boss, and then heading back via bell, or another Mud Exit.
  • Boss Fight (05:09) against another Chaotic Chaos, plus two Night Hoofs. Like last time, kill the adds before the Chaotic Chaos.
  • Use the Wardrobe at 06:10 to go to the Innermost Level
  • To open the door to the final event, you need to engage all the green events outside of the main square and select affirm.
  • Once all eight are interacted with, you can enter the room next to the Wardrobe. This is just a brief cutscene that explains the final task needed to complete your goal, finishing the Genesis Labyrinth. As he mentions, you need to make it to floor 3,651 to fight the final boss.

Genesis Labyrinth

  • Like the previous sections, start by unlocking the final Ensure Strong Miasma Witch Petition. 
  • Before you can enter the labyrinth, you need to defeat a boss. This is a new enemy that is weak to slash, blunt, and pierce attacks, that will also summon four Magia – Gia enemies. If you got this far you shouldn’t have an issue beating them.
  • Now that you have access to the Labyrinth, you’ll want to do some grinding. You’ll want to get the Witch Petitions A Request for Eury I/II, which will unlock more rewards, Stockpile EXP 66, a few other perks, and most importantly, Dabbler. This one costs a lot, but it will give a puppet another 30 skill points to use. This can really boost a characters power, and absolutely worth it for your main characters. 

So, how this dungeon works is pretty simple. Everything slowly increases in power, making progression extremely risky. The trick is to abuse silver spoon and limit your risk. You can use it before entering floor one. What makes this easier is getting the two aforementioned Eury upgrades. The first tells you when there is a wardrobe, which is a checkpoint, though each use will override the previous one, with the second telling you about elevators that let you skip hundreds of floors. In addition to these, every 356 floors you’ll get a special cutscene. These happen by default and will trigger even if you skip the the unlock floor.

It took me about 49 spoons to reach the final floor, so I strongly suggest progressing fast, followed by looking for loot. The most useful advice I can give you is as follows.

  • If you miss the notification for the spoon, check your loot area. If nothing is listed, that was the indicator.
  • Enemies spawn one step after the spoon wears off. Don’t be overly cautious
  • There are several checkpoints, so don’t stress it
  • Exits almost always appear in 9×9 grids
  • UP events won’t kill you outright

On floor 3,651 you’ll find a special Wardrobe behind a wall (13:22) and the final boss. If you need help beating the boss, please check out the guide located here.

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