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How to Defeat the Nameless Witch in Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society

Finally, after hours of grinding, overcoming various bosses, defeating a world ending event, you’re at the final boss. Unlike many of the others, the Nameless Witch is less mechanically difficult, and more about stats/approach. It isn’t enough to have level 99 characters, top tier gear, or a high level coven, you really need to bring your team to the limit if you want to bring her down. Unfortunately, I didn’t prepare as well as I should have, but my failure will ideally help you do better.

How to Defeat the Nameless Witch in Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society

Set Up

Collecting Gear

The first step in getting ready for this fight is collecting better gear. The difference between gear found towards the top of the Grand Cathedral, and the Grand Corridor is astronomical.

The image above shows one of my characters wearing a common Sun Garb, the highest non-unique chest piece in the game, and the stats they lose by equipping the next rank down at common level. Every item has insane stats like that, with certain weapons getting obscenely powerful.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick method to get good gear. It will rely on RNG, with the difference between rarity is fairly substantial.

Here you can see the difference in stats between a slightly less powerful virgin The Ender cannon, and the regular common one. But, before worrying about getting either, you’re going to need to start stocking up on gear.

While I purposefully left my checkpoint in Genesis Labyrinth about 30 levels from the top, there are some tricks for those with a less than ideal placement.

By going to the fixed floor you can revisit predetermined places in the Grand Cathedral. Every one should be a different location 365 years apart, making the 19:13 location the best. Going to the next one will bring you one floor away from the top, making it a hassle to correct.

Best of all, if you use the 3,286 elevator, you can start the floor with a Silver Spoon and not have deal with enemies like you do with a checkpoint.

Items to Look Out For

  • Polka’s Pact
  • Pact 333
  • Pact 666
  • Flower Amulet
  • Malefic (scythe)

Pact 333/666 is extremely useful for leveling, Polka’s Pact gives a massive boost in various stats, as does the Flower Amulet. Finally, the Malefic is probably the easiest way to beat the Nameless Witch if you’re having issues.


As mentioned in our leveling guide, skills offer massive stat increases for little work. If you haven’t leveled multiple characters, I would start going down the list to ensure as many people get the power they need. If you do this after getting a bunch of gear from the Grand Cathedral, it’s quite likely you can defeat enemies at any of the leveling spots without a single worry. Doing it at the Grand Corridor location will also give you Silver Spoons, allowing you to cycle between leveling characters, and collecting gear.

I also suggest killing Q II enemies to level covens. Ideally, you’ll have four or five Polka’s Pacts, and maybe a Brigade Pact for your tanks. Just keep in mind stats have a firm cap.

There is no benefit exceeding 99,999, so you should plan your covens accordingly.

Character Builds

When you have the right skills/level, it’s time to select your final class based off what you’re doing. I suggest building around the scythe, and using something like the Pincer, or All-Out Attack formations.

The reason for this is due to how certain skills work. Since the boss is weak to slash damage, a sword, katar, scroll, or scythe are the best option. Scrolls and scythes are two handed weapons, which have some fantastic combat skills. High level two-handed swords also exist, they’re just not at the same level as scythes. Where scythes have an edge is the skill Scythe Dancer, where you have the chance to attack multiple times. These stack with other two-handed weapon skills, potentially resulting in your damage dealer killing the boss in a single turn. While this is the ideal, naturally, RNG will dictate what you end up using.

Fighting Nameless Witch

Once you have everything ready, it’s time to try to defeat the Nameless Witch. This fight is honestly more of a damage check than anything else, as she gets more difficult to defeat the longer you fight. This is somewhat due to the add she summons, but I have also noticed she gets more aggressive overtime. This is also a three phase fight, with each phase offering a more powerful version of the Nameless Witch.

What worked for me was giving one team the Vanguard Protect+III Donum (2.3x Defense), another using Vanguard Sharpen II (1.75x Attack), and having my Tank use Gatekeeper’s Proof. Depending on your build, it might help to use Eagle Eye (Hit +20 percent) with Vanguard Sharpen II, or possibly going with Enhanced Attack III (2x Attack), and a debuff like Trial Magic: Adhesive56 (-0.5x Avoid)/Softening (-0.75x Defense).

When everything is set, keep attacking the Nameless Witch with as many attackers as you can safely do. I personally used a dedicated Vanguard Healer, with the others alternating between attacking, buffing, or healing.

If things go south, the biggest advantage to Polka’s Pact is the Secret Crest, Support II. This will heal, and revive, everyone, allowing you to fight without giving up momentum. Unfortunately, if she summons her add things can go south fast, though it is far from the worst outcome.

By keeping this up, and going all out if you think you can kill her before she attacks, should be enough to win this climatic final battle.

As a final warning, the ending is about 40 minutes long, so if you’re not in the mood to sit through it, I would not engage the boss.

Video Guide

While I didn’t follow most of the strategies listed here, you can see how I did it with piercing weapons below.

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