Dreo MC710S Review - The Best of Both Worlds 345

Dreo MC710S Review – The Best of Both Worlds

Since we started covering Dreo products, I found myself suggesting two over the rest. One of them is their Polyfan, which recently launched a new version, and the other is an air purifier. While both products have distinct advantages, there wasn’t an all-in-one solution like Dyson, and other companies make. However, this all changed with the release MC710S. By combining their popular tower fan line with an air purifier, they created a unique, and interesting looking product. Given the unexpected pitfalls combination products typically have, is this a slam dunk, or are you better off buying both separately?


Despite being a flagship product, Dreo kept with their simple packaging for MC710S. On two sides are images of the 2-in-1 Combo Fan, an explanation of how to open it, confirmation it supports Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, and other boilerplate.

Inside had very little to see, or for that matter do. It comes completely assembled, though you will need to open the purifier compartment to remove the plastic cover the filter. Along with that, there was a small pouch containing a quick start guide, manual, and the only real accessory, a remote.


At first glance Dreo simply reused their standard black remote. It has the usual seven rubber buttons, though the controls are slightly different. While it features power, fan up/down, mode, oscillation, and sleep timer, the final button is dedicated to purification. This allows you to increase, decrease, or outright disable said functionality to meet your needs.


Dreo went in an interesting direction with the design of MC710S. It’s essentially a tower fan on top of an air purifier unit. It’s a bold design that is very different from competitors like Dyson.

Unique Design

While the design isn’t for everyone, I find it unique enough where it makes a cool statement piece. Perhaps my favorite element is the middle opening. There you can see a blue, or if you splurge orange, blade. This relates to the air purification mode, and will actually spin when active. I am curious if it will get dirty long term, but if nothing else I can confirm the middle opening is closed off and shouldn’t get dirty over time.

Along with the interesting design, Dreo gave MC710S illuminated buttons on top. This makes it extremely easy to control without bending over, or doing anything. The buttons are also rather large, and spaced out, limiting accidental clicks.

The display is also really nice. Images are large, easy to understand, and filled with information. A color bar indications purification level, with the main screen telling me things like room temperature, fan level, air purity, and filter life.

In fact, the only thing I don’t like about MC710S’ design is not having a replaceable power cord. It isn’t a massive concern, it just makes things more complicated if something happens, and it’s slightly harder to move if you so choose.


For the most part I am pleased with MC710S’ noise level. When in low air filtration mode it’s fairly quiet. Not as much as Macro Max S, but enough where you wouldn’t notice it if a TV was on, or you didn’t know it was there. Low fan levels are in a similar place. I’d say up to level three, or four, out of a possible 12, are low enough where it fades into the background.

Performance (Fan)

Fan performance is going to depend on what you’re looking for. Since this is a tower fan it’s more about spreading a lot of air around the room. This means you need more power to direct it at a specific source than, say, their Polyfan line. I’d say the sweet spot for that room was level six, which was enough to circulate air fairly well.

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This past week it snowed in Michigan. Yes, we got like 4″ of snow in late Mar, so I was happy to see MC710S was able to help circulate heat from my furnace. At the time I think my office was 62° F, bedroom hit 72° F, and after using MC710S for 30 minutes that room was a more manageable 76° F.

Even without that specific use case I was happy with the performance. It directed enough air at me to cool, and its large height made it perfect for a number of situations. Like I briefly used it in my office, and when seated it was able to essentially hit my entire upper body at once.

Performance (Air Purification)

One thing I absolutely despised about my old Dyson air purifier was having to run the fan to use it. Not only was that louder than it needed to be, I would have to keep repositioning it as I obviously don’t want a fan hitting me when the room is already at 62° F.

Dreo largely corrects this by having a dedicated air purification mode. I can have it strictly purify, cool, or have them work at entirely different levels. This is also extremely easy to do, especially if you have the application downloaded. That said, the design inadvertently causes some of the aforementioned issue.

Since an air purifier essentially works by circulating air through a filter, that air needs to go somewhere. On their dedicated unit, Macro Max S, it goes upwards. If I place my hand over the top I can feel cooler air being pushed out. MC710S essentially does the same thing, except the design still pushes it forward.

After some brief tests I believe it’s slightly below level one fan power. It’s an improvement, one that makes a big difference depending on placement. While I’d probably consider this a slight improvement, Dreo’s application also helps correct the placement issue.

Awesome Feature

Instead of having to physical move it, or turn on oscillation and wait until it hits the sweet spot, the app lets me move it a couple degrees at a time. This feature offers 24 incremental steps, each moving the fan 5˚. Not only does the app tell you the current degree, it can also save specific positions. So if I don’t want the fan to hit me I can just select that option, or click another to set it in the default position.


Like all Dreo smart products, MC710S can be added to their mobile application. This process remains incredibly simple. I think it took maybe a minute to do, and remains one of my favorite aspects of their products.

In the case of MC710S it’s a lot more beneficial to download. Not only does it control basic things, like turning it on, or fan speed, and the option to set up a schedule/sleep timer, the purification side offers additional information. These include a purity record, ability to easily control both modes, and filter life. This also has the aforementioned positioning system, which I think is a huge bonus.


Due to the design of MC710S, it’s actually the easiest to clean fan I have. On the back there is a single, fairly large screw that you need to remove. Once this comes off it will give access to the tower blades, and interior.

Easy to Clean

To put it back together, simply place the cover in the slot, hold it up, and put the screw in. I had no struggles getting it to come apart, back together, or anything. Along with the back, there is an opening on top that Dreo suggests you use a vacuum on every three or so months. There is also the filter below, which can be replaced in seconds. In all, it’s extremely easy to maintain this device.

Google Nest Hub

Like other Dreo smart products, MC710S can connect to a Google Nest Hub for additional control.

These are essentially mode, basic controls like enabling/disabling purification, and room temperature. Not enough to replace the app, but I do like to highlight devices that support this functionality. It should also support an Alexa Show, but I unfortunately do not have one to test.

Dreo MC710S Review Verdict

Editor's Choice

To be perfectly honest, I don’t really have any complaints about MC710S. It looks cool, performs extremely well, has a user friendly interface, and supports the mobile application. Even small gripes, such the fan still pushing a little air forward when in air purification only mode, can be mitigated through clever design choices.

For all of these reasons and more, it’s really the best of both worlds. Sure, I think the Polyfan beats it in direct air performance, and Macro Max S is a better overall air purifier, but this is perfect for anyone that wants to maximize space. So, for all of these reasons and more we highly recommend MC710S.

Editor’s Note: Dreo MC710S was provided to us for review purposes.

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