DREO Announces Revolutionary MC710S, and Polyfan 704S 32453

DREO Announces Revolutionary MC710S, and Polyfan 704S

Dreo expanded on their popular line of fans with the unique tower fan and air purifier combo, MC710S, along with upgrading their popular Polyfan 513S, air circulator with Polyfan 704S.

As previously stated, MC710S essentially combines a tower fan with their air purifier line. What makes it unique is the dual motor design. Owners can use it as either an air purifier, tower fan, or maximize its potential by utilizing both at the same time.

MC710S Overview

  • Dual-Motor for True Versatility: Cool and purify the air more efficiently by controlling each motor independently. Max out both motors for better performance, use only purification motor for a quiet breeze, or max the fan motor for powerful wind without reducing filter life. 
  • Multiplied Pure Wind Power: Using two motors instead of one, the DREO fan for bedroom brings ultra-fast 27ft/s airflow up to 40 ft away, covering every inch of your room with pure fresh air. 
  • Dual True HEPA Filter Electrostatic Filtration: An additional pre filtration layer captures larger particles to extend the filter life, while the main HEPA filter traps 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 μm, including pet dander, pollen, and more 
  • Multiple Oscillation Options: Bring pure air wherever you are easily with three different oscillation modes including symmetric (0 to 120˚), asymmetric (custom oscillation range), and targeted airflow (moves the oscillating tower fan air outlet where you want in a 120˚ range) 
  • Smart Control for True Freedom: with the DREO app, you can access your smart tower fan wherever you are and check room temperature and air quality, customize more functions like wind modes, oscillation and even create smart schedules. 
  • Quiet Day and Night: Brushless DC motor brings that extra quietness you need to enjoy peaceful breezes with only 25dB low noise, the display can turn off automatically at bedtime, and the mind-soothing Sleep mode adjust speeds so you can rest at your bedroom all night long without disturbances. 
  • You can buy new filters by searching B0CX23N2JJ
Amazon Listing

Those interested in MC710S can currently lock in Super Early Bird pricing by heading to Dreo’s official website. By committing a dollar, Dreo will give you a coupon for $30 off. Those looking to maximize savings can also score another $10 off by joining their Facebook group. This brings the MSRP of $269.99 down to just $229.99, but you’ll want to act fast as this offer expires on Apr. 9.

As for Polyfan 704S, it comes with a number of beloved features, such as DREO app support, and the ability to use Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa. Along with that, Polyfan 704S has a number of minor improvements that lead to a superior experience over Polyfan 513S.

Polyfan 513SPolyfan 704S
Maximum Airflow100 ft110 ft
Omnidirectional Oscillation120°+105°120°+150°
Ultra-quiet performance25db25db

An expanded explanation of features can be found in the official description below.

Dreo PolyFan 704S Overview

  • Bring air cooling farther than ever: Dreo pedestal fan gets channelled into a focused stream of air that produces a massive 882CFM of air volume and travels as far as 110 ft. With Dreo’s Turbosilent X technology, air isn’t just blown away, it covers every inch of your bedroom, office and any other indoor spaces. 
  • Sleep tight, PolyFan 704S barely makes any noise: This quiet oscillating fan is meticulously designed to reduce Aerodynamic Noise, its Brushless DC Motor, paired with a custom blade design, enables it to operate at an extraordinary noise level of just 25dB. 
  • Groundbreaking beyond any floor fan: While most fans limit your options to a couple of speeds, Dreo PolyFan 704S brings more ways to control air with 6 wind modes and up to 9 speeds, whether you want close-range cooling or blow a powerful jet of air throughout your living room, this standing fan gets you covered. 
  • Omni-directional Oscillation: Experience unparalleled air circulation with this standing fan. Its 150° horizontal and 120° vertical oscillation distributes air more efficiently throughout your entire room, allowing you to share the freshness not only you alone but also with your family and friends. You can even customize the airflow direction easily from your smartphone. It will also automatically reset to its initial state after being turned off, if it has been oscillating during use. 
  • Ready for true intelligent control? With Dreo Smart Fan, you can effortlessly switch modes, adjust oscillation angles and speeds using just your voice, smartphone, or convenient remote control. The built-in display allows you to quickly check the status of your device. If you prefer manual settings, PolyFan 704S got those too. 
Amazon Listing

Those interested can currently purchase Polyfan 704S from Amazon for $149.99. Anyone looking for a bit less can still purchase Polyfan 513S from DREO for only $119. Finally, for anyone curious about both products can check back later today for our official review.

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