Gunnar Expands their Arbor Collection to Include Groot Glasses 34534

Gunnar Expands their Arbor Collection to Include Groot Glasses (Updated)

GUNNAR Optiks and Marvel have teamed up to expand their Arbor Collection to include a pair of glasses inspired by Groot.

Like other options in the Arbor Collection, the Groot Edition offers “legendary” tier performance. This means there are flexible spring hinges, G-Shield Premium lens coating, along with the usual Gunnar benefits. Since this is part of the Arbor Collection it also boasts the newly announced Clear Pro lens, which boast “Unparalleled Color Accuracy.”

Updated: I misread the documentation and mistook Clear for Clear Pro. Groot does not feature the newly released Clear Pro 20, just the usual Clear 35.

Where the Groot glasses differ from previously revealed Arbor Collection glasses is color, and accessories. Both Muir, and Humboldt boast ebony wood, whereas Groot has a lighter walnut. Gunnar notes this is still sustainably sourced, and is still a walnut wood laminated to carbon fiber frame.

Gunnar Expands their Arbor Collection to Include Groot Glasses 3454

Accessories include a pouch, cleaning cloth, and protective case. All three are Groot branded, with the case retaining the cardboard color found on other Arbor Collection frames.

Groot Glasses Overview

I am GUNNAR. Inspired by Marvel Comics’ lovable, spacefaring tree, Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Edition boldly displays the strength and beauty of real wood. Bolstering the walnut exterior, a laminated carbon fiber internal layer improves firmness, tensile and compressive strength. Engineered for durability and minimal weight, this iconic eyewear sports exible spring hinges and advanced lens technology. Sustainably harvested materials and precision engineering will survive all forms of adventure from typical wear-and tear to intergalactic-level space threats.


Those interested can purchase the Groot glasses for $129 in Amber, Clear, or Sunglasses. Prescription options should also be available in all lens styles. Finally, those who prefer going through Amazon will be able to do so starting Apr. 30.

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