Gunnar Optiks Announces New Collaborations and Lens at CES 2024 34543

Gunnar Optiks Announces New Collaborations and Lens at CES 2024

Gunnar Optiks revealed a new lens tint, lens type, and a wide variety of frames, including a sizable amount of collaborations, at Consumer Electronics Show 2024.

Headlining the reveals is a brand new tint, Clear Pro. The new tint blocks 20 percent of blue light at 450nm, with the main benefit being a less impactful tint. This is something I discussed for a bit in our review of Clear 35. This lens tint is made with graphic artists, and those looking for “perfect color.” It will join select styles starting in Q1 2024.

Gunnar Optiks is also adding the option for mineral glass lens. Mineral Glass boasts a number of advantages, with Gunnar Optiks considering them top tier in optical purity, distortion free, haze, color rendition, and scratchproof. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given this is the same type of glass used in things like camera lens. It will be available sometime in the first half of 2024 Amber, or Clear on select styles.

Headlining the new styles is Cupertino, a special frame that has interchangeable magnetic lens. This model will come in various bundles offering Amber, Clear 35, Amber Max, and Sun lens. Clear Pro was not mentioned, though it might be added sometime in the future. All of these come in a special clamshell case with magnetic lens pouch that really stands out in their line. It will be available starting Jan. 10, 2024.

Joining Cupertino are a wide variety of more stylish designs. These include a lovely plaid pair that will be available on Jan. 31; the metal Strata Collection on Feb. 14; and their wood frame Arbor Collection on Mar. 19.

Finally, a number of exciting collaborations were also revealed. This all starts with a line featuring designs from Simone Legno, better known as Tokidoki. A total of four frames are offered as part of this collection, with three featuring his iconic characters SANDy/Cactus Dog, Donutella, and a Unicorno. Along with these four is a special design in honor of 2024 being the Year of the Dragon. Each will include unique cleaning cloths and pouches featuring the beloved characters. While the first three frames will release later in Q1, the Year of the Dragon design will be available starting Jan. 24.

Blizzard has expanded their collection to include two different frames inspired by their popular hero shooter, Overwatch. The basic version, Overwatch Ultimate, features the Overwatch logo and accessories featuring fan favorites on the pouch/cleaning cloth. Above that is the D.Va Tokki edition, which is obviously based around D.Va. These boast her logo, eye catching colors, cleaning cloth, pouch, and special case.

Gunnar Optiks Announces New Collaborations and Lens at CES 2024 3453

Finally, Marvel is back with a number of frames designed around a wide array of their popular characters. This all starts with Groot, who gets wood frames, plus the usual accessories and a case. It will be available with the other Arbor Collection frames on Mar. 19.

Gunnar Optiks Announces New Collaborations and Lens at CES 2024 34534

Fan favorite Wolverine gets two different styles designed around his iconic costume (Uncanny) and non-costumed appearance (Adamantium). Both designs will include a specially designed cleaning cloth and pouch as well. These will be available starting June 26.

Joining Wolverine on June 26 is Deadpool. These frames have a bit more style, along with obviously including an inspired pouch/cleaning cloth.

Closing out the collection is The Punisher. These simple frames feature the iconic Punisher logo, and more aggressive design. Said logo also appears on the included cleaning cloth, pouch, and special metal case. This looks to be the same case found in the Stark Industries Edition, something a number of fans loved when that originally released. Unfortunately, no release date was given besides sometime in the first half of 2024.

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