Gotham Knights – Red Hood Skills Guide

Gotham Knights presents us with a brutish, undead Jason Todd suited up as the fear-inducing Red Hood. This iteration of the red-masked vigilante is quite different from the incarnation embedded within Arkham Knight, now highlighting the supernatural side effects of Jason’s resurrection in the Lazarus Pits. The result is a rage-fueled, teetering-on-the-edge-of-homicide man of unearthly power.

Red Hood is the tank of the crew. However, unlike tanks in standard RPGs, he is built to deal damage at range. Red Hood’s two handguns (now with 100% less lethality!) are his main go-tos when it comes time to bust up criminals. That’s not to say Red Hood is inadequate within striking distance; he can lay day some heavy hits when the opposition closes in.

Here’s every skill available for Red Hood in Gotham Knights.

All Red Hood Skills


  • Perfect Evade: Red Hood performs a perfectly-timed evade that generates Momentum and allows for a Perfect Attack follow-up.
  • Critical Expertise: Increase Red Hood’s Critical damage by 20%.
  • Focused Fire: Red Hood can aim longer at a target to deal 4x more damage.
  • Lucky Rounds: Every round Red Hood shoots has a small chance to deal 5x the damage. Only applies to Ranged Attacks and Precision Aim.
  • Precise Strikes: Increases Red Hood’s chance of landing a Critical hit by 10%.
  • Focused Fire +: Aiming time of Focused Fire is reduced by 50%.
  • Quickfire Expert: The Critical chance and Critical damage of Red Hood’s Ranged Attack combo is increased by 15%.


  • Human Bomb: When Red Hood throws an enemy, he attaches a concussion mine to them that explodes when shot.
  • Large Grab: Red Hood can perform grab moves on large enemies.
  • Extended Grab Window: Enemies can now be grabbed at 50% health or less.
  • Human Bomb Enhanced: Increases the damage and radius of the concussion mine explosion.
  • Grip Expertise: Increase Red Hood’s damage when performing a grab move by 10%.
  • Iron Grip: Grabbing an enemy prevents Red Hood from being interrupted by most attacks.
  • Human Bomb Multiplied: Detonating the concussion mine deploys 6 additional concussion proximity mines on the ground.


  • Coup de Grace: Red Hood inflicts 10% more damage on enemies with 30% health or less.
  • Freak Justice: Increases the Red Hood’s damage by 15% and Critical damage by 5% when fighting Freaks.
  • Regulator Justice: Increases Red Hood’s damage by 15% and Critical damage by 5% when fighting the Regulators.
  • Mob Justice: Increases Red Hod’s damage by 15% and Critical damage by 5% when fighting the Mob.
  • Combined Fire: Red Hood and his allies inflict increased damage when focused on a single target. Only applies to Ranged Attack combos and Precision Aim.
  • Unrestricted Fire: After using Two-Fisted Reload, Red Hood can shoot unlimited rounds for a short period of time.
  • Double Vortex: After using Two-Fisted Reload, Red Hood shots double the number of rounds for a short period of time.


  • Mystical Leap: Red Hood traverses through the air using spirit platforms.
  • Ranged Terror: Every shot that knocks out a target inflicts Fear in nearby enemies.
  • Weak Spot Damage +: Increases headshot and weak spot damage by 15%.
  • Grab Dread: Grabbing a target inflicts Fear in nearby enemies.
  • Combat Mastery: Increase the number of attacks in Red Hood’s Ranged Attack combo by 1. The last hit is a knockdown.
  • Ducra’s Training: Mystical Rounds requires 50% less time to lock on targets.
  • Shadow Vengeance: Mystical Rounds shoots 2 rounds instead of 1.
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