Osman: Cannon Dancer Trophy/Achievement Guide 1

Osman: Cannon Dancer Trophy/Achievement Guide

At first glance Osman: Cannon Dancer looks to be a fairly difficulty game. Not only was it an originally an arcade game, you need to beat it on “challenge mode” without any of the accessibility options. Despite this, it’s actually a very easy to complete and can be done in 30 minutes or less.

Basic Information

While Osman: Cannon Dancer calls it “challenge mode,” it’s actually just the original arcade version of the game.

This means you need to beat it without save states, rewind, cheats, or any accessibility option besides your two optional enhancements.

For this I suggest invincible attack, and four extra credits. Invincible attack makes it really easy to cheese various sections, with the credits being enough to brute force every boss. Especially since you’ll actually gain credits throughout the game.

Using This Guide

Like all of our trophy/achievement guides, redundant or unneeded trophy/achievements will be excluded. If you do have an issue with one please feel free to comment and we will try to help.

Osman: Cannon Dancer Trophy/Achievement Guide

Move Over, Hiryu!
Complete the game!

There are six areas in Osman: Cannon Dancer that you need to complete. None of these are long, roughly four minutes each, with only a small handful of tricky spots. Several of these can be mastered after a single mistake, or a couple attempts.

Bosses can be difficult, though your special attack can basically no difficulty defeat each and every one. You’ll likely die more to obstacles than the actual enemies. That said, under controls there is a toggle for auto-grab. I suggest enabling it as it makes things a lot easier.

I Have The Power!
Achieve the maximum power-up level

To power-up you need to first find a capsule with the letter P on it. They’re fairly common and spread throughout the various levels. An image of these capsules can be seen below.

To actually power-up you need to break these and grab items with a red orb. These are the most common item, with an image of one below.

Upon collecting these you’ll gain an after image that can be used to damage enemies in otherwise risky spots. Collecting four of these will bring you to max power. That being said, each time you take damage your power level decreases by one.

Live Long and Prosper!
Achieve the maximum life level

Similar to the previous trophy, you need to find a power up that increases the amount of health you have. These are hidden on a couple different levels, with one of the easiest appearing after the truck running section of the second stage.

After climbing up the last part of the jumping section the upgrade here will increase your gauge. This is a permanent unlock, so getting it and dying is fine. I suggest getting this one, though there are a few more that are safer to get elsewhere if you struggle.

No Littering!
Throw an Enemy

Crouch, and then push jump. This will do a slide which will grab an enemy for a throw.

See Ya Later, Alligator! through This is the Way!
Suplex blank

To suplex you just need to push jump in the air and down. If you’re unsure what the enemy looks like, the trophy/achievement icon shows every one besides the Golden Statue. For that enemy you can find an example below.

Keep in Touch!
Do a suplex that takes 3 seconds or lower

There are two ways to get this trophy/achievement. In my case I constantly input the command against the various scorpion enemies and it randomly unlocked. If this doesn’t work for you, the best place is before the final boss. Grab (jump + down) one of the bosses from the previous fight, and jump over the edge. This can also be done against the final boss, it’s just a lot harder to land.

You’re Fired! through I Ain’t Nobody’s Slave!
Suplex blank

These make up every boss besides the first one. Just make sure you grab (jump + down) each one at some point during the fight to get the trophy/achievement.

Bye, Felicia!
Finish off a boss with a throw

For whatever reason the Golden Statues count as a boss. Since they are weak, and pretty easy to hit, just defeat one of them.

Bon Voyage!
Finish off a boss with a suplex

Damage a boss until it’s critical and then suplex (jump + down) it. This works on every boss besides the first one.

Chop Chop, Lollipop! through My Name is Kirin!
Finish off the Slaver with a Fatal Attack

Fatal Attack is the name of Kirin’s special attack. I don’t know the command for Xbox (probably Y), but on PlayStation it’s triangle.

To get the second trophy/achievement you need to beat the final boss with this attack. I do believe all three special attacks will instantly beat The Slaver, though if it doesn’t just do some damage before using it.

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