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Jitsu Squad Trophy Guide

Beat ’em up games can be some of the easiest and most difficult games to platinum. If the tasks are simple, there is nothing that stops you from finishing it in a couple hours. However, if you get something like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, hard mode can be a long grind filled with failure. Thankfully, this is one of the easier ones, but just just because it’s easy doesn’t mean there is no point in a Jitsu Squad trophy guide. So, with that being said, let’s get into it.


Despite having a trophy for beating the game as each character, you only need to beat it twice. Possibly once if you have four controllers and some friends, though most will end up needing two runs. As a nice bonus, it is possible to get the platinum without going higher than easy.

For the first I suggest playing as Jazz, since he is the only character that can turn a boss into a chicken. To do this you need a fairly rare drop, so two runs with him will make it a lot easier. After the first run you’ll unlock tag team mode, so you just play with every character, swapping between them as they reach the level cap (it’s lower with more characters). Beating Jitsu Squad in tag team mode will unlock the other three character finish trophies. At this point you’ll either have the platinum, or just need to clean up the remaining tasks.

Please Note: On both runs where I was playing Tag I had Jitsu Squad crash when entering the boss room of the sixth stage. I strongly suggest making a copy of your save if this happens, as it corrupted my save the first time it occurred. This will save you a couple hours of grinding, making it really helpful in the long run.

How to Use this Guide

Most of the trophies are multiple versions of the same task and actually unlock through normal play. There are some things that can be trick, which we will highlight, but this guide will be very bare bones due to the redundancy.

Jitsu Squad Trophy Guide

Emaki Moshing through Master of Disguise
Defeat X

All of these trophies are story related. None of the bosses are noteworthy or complicated, besides Shade, making it pretty easy to overcome them. If you do struggle, there are no difficulty related trophies, so just play on normal.

Hero of the Story…, You Will Always be my Baby…, And All That Jazz…, With a Pocket Full of Shells…
Finish the game with X

Like mentioned above, do a solo run with Jazz to increase your chances of finishing the trophy They Chickened Out, followed by playing a tag run with every hero.

Outstanding Combo
Get a combo chain of 250

There are two easy ways to get this trophy/achievement and they’re both done on stage one during the enemy gauntlet at the end.

The first method is playing as Baby, defeating the first set, and then using her circle special. With decent placement you should hit about 200 from the various enemies. After this, hit any enemy to continue your combo. A simple attack, uppercut, attack combo for a few enemies should get you to 250 in no time. Doing this method I capped out at nearly 500 on the lowest difficulty, so you shouldn’t have any issues.

If you’re having issues with Baby, Aros is even easier with his special. Just push it and you’re guaranteed well over 100 hits without doing a thing. After that, continue the combo and you should be good. The absolute best way is to get his machine-gun arm, shoot enemies (it has about 100 hits), followed by immediately using your super, though this shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve naturally by just using Baby.

Shinobi Sensei, Baby Changes, Mardi Gras, The Boarbarian
Unlock all special moves for X

Players level by picking up scrolls dropped by Emaki ninjas. It takes a sizable number, in my case it took five stages to finish one character solo, with the requirement decreasing as character count increases. As a result, it is possible to finish the remaining three characters during your tag run without grinding. However, if you’re having issues, or fall short for any reason, replaying the first level will give a substantial amount of scrolls for any character that needs it. In addition to that, finished characters lose the ability to collect scrolls, meaning you can swap to whomever you want after finishing an area if you’re having issues.

Sanshinsenkyoken!, Vulcan Assault!, Scorch Frogger!, Taranis Inferno!
Perform a super special with X for the first time

One of the first unlocks is your circle special. As soon as you see this, push circle and a special move will occur and give the trophy.

Fujin Strike!, Rain of Pain!, Amun Charge!, Odin Blades!
Enter fury mode with X for the first time

Fury is among the last moves you unlock, but when you do you’ll see this screen. Just push L1 and the trophy will instantly unlock.

Tanuki 100
Get a parry chain of 100

This is, without question, the hardest trophy in Jitsu Squad. Thankfully, there are two cheap ways to do it, though even with that it takes a bit of skill.

For starters, a parry chain is performed by pushing R2 and countering an enemy’s attack. You don’t need to do it 100 times without being hit, but there is a time limit, and pushing parry without actually parrying an attack resets it. Naturally, getting 100 of these is a nightmare unless you’re really good at Jitsu Squad, or follow this cheese.

The easiest method is to find literally any of the giant red Oni, like pictured above, and then wait for their attack. As long as you don’t leave their general area, they will repeatedly attack you every couple of seconds. What you need to do is move forward, turn around, take another step or two, followed by parrying. Since you can do it from behind without changing directions, you’ll parry the attack, with your counter attack hitting nothing. Since you’re not taking or doing damage, this can be repeated ad infinitum. Please note, you don’t actually need to move every time, though every counter will push you further away from the Oni. I suggest keeping a consistent rotation, that way you don’t get to like 60, make a mistake, and need to restart. In addition to this, if this is confusing or you just want to see it, the video below should give you an idea of how it’s done.

In the event this method doesn’t work, the flying enemies on stage two also work. They can’t be damaged by attacks on the ground, so you simply move with the enemy, parry as soon as you see the bullet, and repeat. I don’t advise this method simply because it doesn’t take much to screw up, though I can confirm it is possible with enough skill/luck.

A Famous Duo
Pickup the Yooka-Laylee assist

Towards the middle of the fifth stage you’ll find an arcade machine for Rextro’s, which is a reference to the machines from Yooka-Laylee. Following the first wave it will shine, drop a diamond item like you and see above, which will summon Yooka-Laylee for the trophy. It is possible to also find the summon randomly, possibly even without getting this far first, though this one is guaranteed to give it.

They Chickened Out
Turn a boss into a chicken

While this isn’t the hardest trophy, it can be pretty annoying. The only character that can turn enemies into a chicken is Jazz, which requires a special drop to do so.

When you find the chicken staff, like pictured above, you’ll gain the ability to turn enemies into a chicken. The manual is vague on what you need to do, but all you need to do is land the finishing blow on a boss with the staff (triangle). Doing the charged attack will not work, nor will any other attack than the standard triangle move.

Since it goes without saying you want to bring the boss as low as possible before using the staff, if you happen to run out of energy for any reason, dying will bring you back with full staff energy. It isn’t a great tactic, though it’s much better than repeating the process.

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