Top Tips to Stay Alive in Metal: Hellsinger 34

Top Tips to Stay Alive in Metal: Hellsinger

I would be lying if I said Metal: Hellsinger is a simple game. Between dodging enemies, maintaining the beat and swapping between weapons, there are a number of mechanics that can honestly make or break a run. These are taught passively to players, something that might actually get lost, or require experimentation. For these reasons we wanted to make it easier by writing down a few of our best tips to survive Metal: Hellsinger.

Top Tips to Stay Alive in Metal: Hellsinger

Persephone is The Easiest Weapon to Use

As you try different weapons and mechanics, you’ll find each have their own shortcoming or limitation. Where Persephone comes out ahead is due to the simplistic nature of the gun. Instead of having a long animation or quick reloads, it can generally be fired at pace with the beat. The only weapon that is even easier is Paz, though he loses out in damage to Persephone. So if you’re struggling to keep the beat, we strongly consider trying this gun.

Fury Increases Power

While it goes without saying shots that perfectly match the beat will do more damage, quickly killing enemies and maintaining a higher fury level has a substantial impact on power. Often times it’s more important to pick up items that boost it or killing peons to maintain it than simply targeting the biggest foe. Especially since this will make it extremely easy to make quick work of enemies.

Pax is Great for Slaughter Kills

While a high Fury level is great for killing enemies, it can make it extremely difficult to slaughter foes. Marionettes, which are the lowest level enemy in the game, will often die too fast at 16x Fury to help you stay alive. However, this is where Paz is really helpful. Not only is he extremely easy to use, he does just enough damage to make it extremely easy to bring a foe to Slaughter and not destroy them if you get a little too trigger happy.

Everything Needs to be on the Beat

If you’re struggling to Slaughter an enemy for health or have issues dodging multiple foes, remember that these actions require rhythm like anything else. It’s easy to forget, so if you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to wait a moment to ensure you’re with the beat before performing those actions.

It Helps to do the Initial Torments

Torments are ultimately about teaching players how to actually play. They rely on understanding the mechanics, knowing what to do and maintaining the beat in brutal arenas and conditions. They also unlock a wide variety of sigils that make Metal: Hellsinger easier. These include easier combo conditions, more ammo or just minimum Fury level. Given you get two of these, it’s extremely helpful to, if nothing else, unlock them all.

Terminus Melts Shield Cambions

If you’re anything like me, Shield Cambions will give you some issues. Thankfully, from my time doing Torments, I learned that they are extremely weapon to your sword, Terminus. This is especially true if you can use the ultimate, which is just a fury of attacks that can melt a lot of enemies in no time.

Top Tips to Stay Alive in Metal: Hellsinger 1111

Slaughtering on your Reload will do Both

One extremely useful trick is maximizing effectiveness by Slaughtering and reloading your gun. Like previously mentioned, you need to Slaughter on the beat, but what you might not know is if you’re reloading and on the gold arrow, which is the quick reload arrow, you click the input to Slaughter an enemy, it will do both. Great way to not only stay alive but keep the fight going in style.

Trophy/Achievement No Rest of the Wicked Does Not Require All Three Skulls

This last tip is really for the trophy/achievement hunters out there that hate the Torment stages. I can confirm that I finished every stage with three skulls besides the last stage, Slaughter Mastery: III, where I got only one skull and it unlocked the trophy/achievement No Rest for the Wicked. I can’t confirm what the absolute minimum is, though it should be unlocking the third tier and getting at least one skull. We still suggest beating them, as they unlock the highest level sigils, we also understand if you don’t want to go insane trying to do some of the harder ones like Death’s Edge.

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