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How to Fight Unsighted’s Secret Final Boss

The hard thing about small games is figuring things out. No matter how complicated a puzzle is or precise the knowledge, the Destiny community can solve it in literal moments due to hundreds of thousand people trying various things. Unsighted did not benefit from this and with misleading information, deceptive details and more, it’s incredibly easy to spend literal hours trying to unlock the secret final boss. Thankfully, our guide on how to fight Unsighted‘s secret final boss will save you the hours I and a small number of people spent figuring it out.

How to Fight Unsighted’s Secret Final Boss

Obtaining the Ancient Clock Blueprint

To obtain the blueprint you need to first head to the Cathedral Entrance and talk to M at the top. I included a link to our guide for more in-depth information, but the general idea is you pay to open the gate, sacrifice M (their name will be displayed as ???) and repeat. Please note, selecting anyone will void your ability to do this fight for that run. The second time there will be an extremely difficult fight that you must win.

After the fight M will drop a Key Card, which is used to open a specific door in the final area. In that room you’ll locate the blueprint and your quest for the hidden boss begins.

Obtaining the Ancient Clock Gear

To obtain the Ancient Clock Gear, head to the Frozen Lake room in the Aquarium.

There will be a jumping section that leads to a small room, a treasure chest and more. Along the way there is a tiny island that has a secret room to the right.

After a small fight you’ll find your first piece of the clock.

Obtaining the Ancient Clock Face

The next piece is located in the Garden section, north of the Garden East location.

This one is a lot easier to both find and get to than the others.

Head to the top left corner of the Garden East map and cross the water. On the other end there will be some resources and what looks like a dead end. However, there is a secret path at the top left that leads to the next secret room.

Obtaining the Ancient Clock Hands

Finding the clock hands is, without question, the hardest and probably easiest to overlook piece of the whole set. It’s located in the middle of nowhere in the Factory/Industries area. To get there you need to make it to the Container Storage Room and head to the right.

In the room where you get the upgrade to move containers, there is a small hidden room below.

Follow that path to the chest at the end and then push further left to reveal the third piece.

Obtaining the Ancient Clock Pendulum

This piece you probably obtained if you went through the Crypt. If you did not, our guide here will make that super easy.

Using the Clock

Once you obtain all four pieces it should look like the image below.

Craft it and you’ll get the Ancient Clock item. This needs to be brought to the Crypt’s Hidden Gallery room.

At the top there is a location you’ve no doubt noticed for the clock to go. Return with the completed Ancient Clock to open the door. This will take you down a straight path to the Portal of Time. Agree to it and you’ll be sent back to the start of the game.

Heading Down the Newly Open Path

There will be a brief dialogue exchange indicating Alma has returned to the start and they remember/have everything from the previous adventure. While there is no indication of what needs to be done, all you need to do is return to the final boss, Anima.

The Final Fight

Similar to the optional hidden sin version of the fight, defeating Anima like normal will result in a new line of dialogue about us defying time. This will result in Anima changing to a third and final form that isn’t terribly different from the fights before.

The only change is, in addition to all the previously mechanics, she is faster, her arm attack now hits a four square range and she summons those really aggressive claw enemies for adds.

After killing her, grab Raquel and run out of the building. This will trigger the ending and you can see all your hard work pay off.

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  1. Just beat the game myself. Explorer mode since I’m not a fan of dificulty. The thing that made me finally need to grab a guide was that one locked door in the top left. Kind of embarrassed really.

  2. Does this need to be before going to the meteor? I just got the corrupted sword and don’t want to lock myself out of anything

    1. Hey Matt,

      I totally get where you’re coming from. Fortunately, not only can you explore the meteor, you actually need the corrupted sword to make it to the final boss. Unsighted makes things super simple by placing a terminal at the bottom of the meteor as a “no turning back” point. From there you can hide the corrupted sword for the trophy/achievement or you can complete all the optional tasks to fight the secret final boss. I am also pretty sure you can beat the game, reload the save and opt out of new game or new game plus and also avoid any conflict (I never tested it but it will load you prior to fighting the last boss). Finally, if you’re unsure, the copy feature makes a perfect copy of your save, allowing you to freely experiment.

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