Unsighted Tomb Smasher Trophy/Achievement Guide 8 23423

Unsighted Tomb Smasher Trophy/Achievement Guide

If you read our guide on Anima, checked your trophy/achievements, or just explored every corner of Unsighted, you’ve no doubt located the Crypt. The frustrating place north of the starting area has some interesting rewards hidden behind some frustrating puzzles. Since it’s mostly the puzzles that make Unsighted‘s Tomb Smasher trophy/achievement annoying, we wanted to simplify it by making a brief guide.

Unsighted Tomb Smasher Trophy/Achievement Guide

Getting to the Crypt.

There are two different ways to get to the Crypt. Either you can enter from the labyrinth in the sewer or via a wall in the factory. Both have their distinct advantages and disadvantages, with the worst part being the wall jump. Once you return to the starting area, use the double hookshot to cross the gap and enter the Crypt.

Since this area is extremely small and relatively straightforward, this guide will only focus on puzzles and trophy/achievements we solved in this area.

Hiding Your Sins Trophy/Achievement

At the start, you can deposit your sword and unlock the path to the Crypt. This is also how you remove the sword from your inventory and beat the game. For more information on this, please check our guide on Anima.

Puzzle One

The first puzzle really sets the tone for how these play out. Each one has a simple solution, though there are all kinds of little tricks meant to make them seem harder than they are. To make this easier, I captured key points in the puzzles and also did a video guide below.

From the starting position, you want to move the blocks to each side in a right, left, right and then left pattern. Move the upper right block down and then push the left block next to it. After that, push the left block that is sticking out up to get it in the correct zone. Repeat the previous steps by moving the bottom right block to the left, push down the top left block and then move the remaining right block over. This will allow you to push the block that is sticking out to the right into the area and complete the puzzle.

Puzzle Two

Unlike the first puzzle, the second one is deceptively simple. So much so you might confuse yourself overthinking it.

From the starting position, push the rightmost block to the left side, push it up, and then push it back to the right. Go to the leftmost block and push it up. On the right side, push the block to the left up so it goes in the correct spot. After that, push the block to the right to the left and then push it up. This will solve the puzzle.

Getting your Corrupted Weapon into the Crypt

This can be slightly confusing, but after the second puzzle, you need the corrupted weapon to continue. The only way to get it into the Crypt is to follow the path after the second puzzle to a pathway in the Museum. Return to the pedestal, collect the weapon and then warp back to the Museum. Enter from the hidden path and you’ll now have your corrupted weapon so you can kill the enemy and continue.

Puzzle Three

This is another puzzle where it’s deceptively simple, but all the clues suggest otherwise.

From the starting position, push the middle left block all the way to the left side, push it up and then against the middle right block. Move the topmost block to the left side. Push the middle left block up to the top. Push the topmost block against it. Move the remaining two blocks to over to the left side against it. Push the leftmost and the block two spaces next to it up to complete the puzzle.

Congrats, you’ve now opened the gate to the boss.

Fighting the Corrupted Tomb Guardian

Despite the fancy name, this is just a faster version of the Arthropod King with far more deadly adds. To make up for this, I created some attack cogs, a stamina cog, and moved over all non-essential chips to damage increasing ones. This should get you to the point where most adds can be one hit, making the fight itself a lot easier.

If you’re still having issues, please check our guide on the Arthropod King.

Unsighted Tomb Smasher Trophy/Achievement Guide 8 23423


After killing the boss you’ll earn the trophy/achievement, along with the only cat. This cat has near-max stats in every area, making it a fearsome companion. There is also some amusing dialogue that goes along with rescuing the little furball. There is also the Ancient Clock Pendulum item, which isn’t enough to open the clock door in the Crypt but is a step closer to doing so.

Video Guide

In the event you’re still having issues, you can find a video guide below.

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