Celebrate Cinnamon Bun Day with a Limited Time PlayStation Stars Campaign 111

Celebrate Cinnamon Bun Day with a Limited Time PlayStation Stars Campaign

Today PlayStation Stars launched a new limited time campaign to celebrate Cinnamon Bun Day. As some might know, Cinnamon Bun Day takes place on Oct. 4, so this belated event is off by a fair amount of time.

Like the other limited time campaign, all you need to do is boot any PlayStation 4 or 5 game in the next 24 hours to earn the Cinnasnail collectible. Please note, at the time of posting many players, including myself, have experienced issues getting it to unlock.

For those curious about the collectible itself, the Cinnasnail is one of the cuter and more noteworthy creatures from Bugsnax. In fact, the creature is so liked it was one of four to get a plush toy and has a very prominent position on the official t-shirt.

As a final reminder, if you haven’t done Hit Play/1994, The World Warrior’s Challenge or October Check-In they’re set to expire in a couple days. Sony also added a special PlayStation VR collectible as well. Reports suggest the only requirement is playing a PlayStation VR game, so if you’ve done that and haven’t completed that challenge, you should try to complete it as well.

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