PlayStation Stars Campaign Guide for October 2022 1

PlayStation Stars Campaign Guide for October 2022

Following PlayStation Stars launch in Asia, the program has finally released in North America and with it a variety of new campaigns to award player digital collectibles.

Before getting into the campaigns, you first need to sign up for PlayStation Stars. This can be done via the official website or through the PlayStation app on your phone. While we can’t comment on the current situation, we found using the application was more reliable to sign up.

To do that, just click the one next to your name at the top and it will give a brief explanation of the program. Once registered you’ll see the first campaigns and be able to make process on status.

PlayStation Stars Releases October 5 in North America; Out Now in Asia and Japan 2

Remember, these are not retroactive and have a yearly requirement to maintain. This includes trophies, so even if you have 10,000, you still need to earn new ones to maintain your status. That said, the “uncommon” requirement should actually read rare and simply requires a trophy obtained by 50 percent or less. Finally, there are rumors of a special fifth tier unlocked through special invitation, though details and requirements for that are still unknown.

For Oct. 2022 the current challenges are October Check-in, The World Warrior’s Challenge and Hit Play/1994. For October Check-in, playing literally any game by the end of the month will give the PlayStation Tech Demo Tyrannosaurus Rex item. For those unfamiliar with it, this is actually a reference to the tech demo for the original PlayStation, a very fitting first item for early adopters.

The World Warrior’s Challenge, as the name suggests, is in honor of Street Fighter. Simply play Street Fighter V, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 11 or TEKKEN 7 will unlock this.

Hit Play/1994 is our first “heroic” challenge, which is a bit different from the others. Instead of giving the solution, there are six clues as to which games you need to play. Various Reddit users worked together to figure this out and the solutions are as follows:

  • Stay x Circle of Life : Returnal
  • Baby I Love Your Way x Go West : Death Stranding
  • Mr Jones x Regulate: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
  • More Human than Human: Detroit Become Human
  • Wild Night: Until Dawn
  • Streets of Philadelphia: Heavy Rain

Simply playing them is enough to fulfill the requirement. Please keep in mind, due to the large number of players working on these and the usual problems associated with a new program, it might take a while to get credit. Speaking for myself, it took about five to six hours before The World Warrior’s Challenge completed, so don’t freak if it doesn’t initially work.

After collecting them you’ll find them listed under collectibles and can freely be displayed with a couple different backgrounds to choose from. While this covers the known challenges, it is possible we might see more collectibles or campaigns before the months end as well.

Reddit user ZealousidealGap4464 got a PlayStation 3 item. Apparently it took playing a game to unlock, which might be tied to previous console ownership or something else.

This covers the first month of challenges, but make sure to check back later for more guides for PlayStation Stars.

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