PlayStation Stars Releases October 5 in North America; Out Now in Asia and Japan 56

PlayStation Stars Releases October 5 in North America; Out Now in Asia and Japan

Sony announced their new loyalty program, PlayStation Stars, is now available in Asia and Japan. On Oct. 5, the program will release in both North and South America and finally hit Europe on Oct. 13.

If you haven’t heard about PlayStation Stars, Sony describes the program as a way to earn rewards through various campaigns and challenges. These can be found via the app or via Sony’s official website. Finishing these challenges will unlock either Loyalty Points, that can be used on various things like PSN credit, or digital collectibles. Sony notes that collectibles can not be traded and do not use Blockchain technology.

With the program now available in Asia, we gave it a quick look so you know what to expect when it releases in your region.

Finding the program is pretty simple. Either go to this page or click your account at the top of any Sony page and select PlayStation Stars. On that page you’ll be asked to join the program, which is a series of basic questions like making sure you know what it is, do you want them to be public and finally acknowledging what you’ve accomplished.

Right now there isn’t much to see, but the page does mention a star ranking system. These do not seem to be retroactive, at least for purchases and possibly trophies as well, but it should be pretty easy for the average player to hit level four status in no time.

The FAQ lists the following benefits for each level, with the most notable being Premier Support. Sony describes this as “priority routing” when talking to their chat support team.

In addition to that, PlayStation Plus members are eligible for points with any eligible purchase made on the PlayStation Store, which can be exchanged for PSN credit or other things.

Expect more and expanded content as the rollout continues.

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