Gotham Knights – Nightwing Skills Guide

Gotham Knights sees the tragic passing of Batman, leaving the Bat-Family to pick up the pieces and carry on the mission to keep Gotham safe. Dick Grayson AKA Nightwing shoulders the burden of becoming the new leader and attempting to emulate Bruce to the best of his ability. Taking care of the team is his goal and that is reflected by his four skill trees: Raptor, Acrobat, Pack Leader and Knighthood.

Nightwing, as the team’s interim commander, is all about support. He can resurrect allies, apply heal-over-time and buff the combat prowess of the hero fighting alongside him. For the selfless looking to bring the team to peak efficiency, look no further than Grayson.

Here is every skill available for Nightwing in Gotham Knights.

All Nightwing Skills


  • Perfect Evade: Nightwing performs a perfectly-timed evade that generates Momentum and allows for a Perfect Attack follow-up.
  • Critical Expertise: Increases Nightwing’s Critical damage by 20%.
  • Trampoline: Nightwing’s Pounce Ability is automatically followed by a high jump on the enemy. This Ability cannot be used if Nightwing is under a low ceiling.
  • Assassin’s Mark: Marks an enemy, increasing Nightwing and his allies’ damage to the foe by 10%.
  • Precise Strikes: Increases Nightwing’s chance of landing a Critical hit by 10%.
  • Aerial Bounce: Nightwing bounces off an enemy following an aerial attack to propel himself back into the air. Can be used up to 3 times in succession.
  • Critical Distance: Hitting an enemy with a Melee Attack from a large distance increases the Critical chance and Critical damage by 15%.


  • Aerial Damage +: Increases Nightwing’s aerial attack damage by 20%.
  • Extra Momentum Bar: Grants Nightwing an extra Momentum bar.
  • Momentum Gain +: Increases Nightwing’s Momentum gain by 15%.
  • Evade Chain: Nightwing chains evades by performing a quick succession of back jumps.
  • Haly’s Favorite: Completing an Evade Chain knocks down all nearby enemies.
  • Evade Chain Momentum: Performing an evade chain during combat restores a portion of Nightwing’s Momentum.
  • Mind and Body: Using Momentum Abilities restores a portion of Nightwing’s health.

Pack Leader

  • Family Ties: Increases Nightwing’s defense and resistance by 10%. Working with allies also grants him additional bonuses:
    • Batgirl: Melee damage +15%
    • Red Hood: Ranged damage +15%
    • Robin: Stealth damage +15%
  • Health Bolstered Defense: When Nightwing’s health is at least +70%, he gets a +5% Defense bonus scaling up to +20% at full health.
  • Momentum Regen: Nightwing’s Momentum regenerates over time. Regeneration stops after filling 1 Momentum segment. Gaining any Momentum activates regeneration again. Working with allies increases regeneration speed.
  • Shared Skill: Passive Skills increase Damage, Critical chance, Defense, Momentum regeneration, and Ultimate cooldown are shared with allies at 50% of their value.
  • Elemental Smart Darts: Nightwing’s darts inflict Elemental Effect build up on enemies or heal allies over time.
  • Elemental Smart Darts +: Nightwing’s darts also reduce enemies’ defense by 10% and increase damage inflicted by allies by 5% for 10 seconds.
  • Revive Darts: Nightwing’s darts can be used to instantly revive an ally from afar. Maximum 1 per night.


  • Flying Trapeze: Nightwing uses his Flying Trapeze to glide through the air. He can also rebound off of walls to gain altitude and speed.
  • Triple Darts: Nightwing shoots 3 darts at once instead of 1.
  • Strike Distance +: Nightwing’s Melee Attacks can strike enemies from farther away.
  • Guardian: Defeating an enemy reduces Nest Ability cooldown by 15%.
  • Combat Expertise: Increases the number of attacks in Nightwing’s Melee combo by 1. The last hit is a knockdown.
  • Nest Buffs +: Nest damage is increased by 150%, and the healing effect is increased by 100%.
  • Bigger Nest: Increases the size of Nightwing’s Nest.
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