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Tips to Dominate the Wonderlands in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Borderlands best and worst element is the seemingly endless options. Sometimes that latest gun is amazing, other times it fails to impress, with the overall experience hinging on what works for you. Having tamed the wonderlands, we’re here to help you make the most of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Tips to Dominate the Wonderlands in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Recognize Traits You Like

During my run there were a lot of jokes about me buying lackluster SMGs. I would see a purple gun that seemingly looked better than my existing weapon, only to learn it wasn’t as good. I didn’t start to avoid this issue until I took stock of what made that gun great. In my case it was a lot of little things, which you can see below.

Not only is the damage higher, featuring that lovely x4 perk, it also boasts a much higher fire rate. These two elements vastly increase the damage potential, making it an amazing weapon.

Calamity spells are another extremely powerful item you can sometimes obtain. Their benefit is high damage and low effort. It doesn’t take long to just burn an enemy or take care of someone far away. These are just some examples that are worth considering or elements to pay attention to.

Classes are Flexible

When selecting my class I was worried it would not be the right call. Maybe I would like magic more, perhaps there were other benefits and so forth. Thankfully, players are given a main class and a subclass to go with it.

The latter can be changed or adapted, so even if you make a slightly wrong call with your main class, your subclass can even it out.

Unlock Shrines As Early as Possible

Most shrines are easily unlocked through a couple stage encounter. These effects stack and really add up over time. Just getting critical damage, loot quick and more gold/experience will make any adventure a lot easier.

If you do struggle to find one of the pieces, look at the map and make sure you explored each location. Completed locations will feature your banner and Tiny Tina will always tell you if there is a piece in that location. And if you’re still struggling, it’s likely a quest you haven’t completed.

Cosmetics Sell for a Lot

When playing with my friend, we noticed it was fairly common for cosmetics to drop and for us both to have the item in question. What some people don’t realize is that these drops typically sell for multiple times more than a piece of gear.

Many Collectibles Will Appear on the Map

As a trophy/achievement hunter, I hate collectibles. It sucks watching a guide and trying to pinpoint every item in the game. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands makes it a little easier by giving each location a counter, but what you might not notice is certain collectibles get dialogue and marked on the map when you are by them. Always pay attention and try to get them so you won’t have to return for them later.

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