How to Complete Target: Unicorn in Soul Hackers 2 213312

How to Complete Target: Unicorn in Soul Hackers 2

Simply put, every Aion Directive target mission sucks in Soul Hackers 2. This isn’t just because they have restrictions, which can remove players, items, abilities and more, but they lock players into a fight without really knowing the stakes. This could be special skills, unique abilities, weird mechanics or something else all together. In the case of Target: Unicorn, it’s a bit of everything.

How to Complete Target: Unicorn in Soul Hackers 2

Basic Information

If you’re looking at this guide, you probably found the first mechanic, these Unicorns block every attack. It’s an annoying mechanic, largely because anyone without that knowledge will likely fail on their first attempt. Don’t worry, there is a way to kill them, but there are more mechanics to be aware of first.

In addition to being immune to everything, when you do manage to kill one the other will just revive it. As a result, you need to defeat both on the same turn. I don’t know if you could possibly out pace it, but like the other bosses there is also a turn limit, so you’re best just defeating both on the same turn.

Set Up

The most important thing for this fight is to know how to damage the Unicorns. This can be done a couple different ways. These ways include Milady’s Piercer skill (COMP upgrade), stacks, through the break debuff and while I can’t confirm it, almighty attacks should also work. Since building a stack is fairly difficult, outside of using Saizo’s healing gives one stack ability (Axis gate unlock reward), meaning this fight basically requires break.

Now, there is a break skill for every element in the game. In my case, I used Sudama, who eventually unlocks the force (wind) version. While I can’t confirm every element, you can find a table of the ones I know below.

  • Fire – Baphomet, Surt
  • Elec – Quetzalcoatl
  • Force – Sudama, Orobas

One final note about break, while these are the ones I noticed, the skill can be given to other demons through fusion. So if you don’t have the best character for the battle, that is something to consider.

How to Complete Target: Unicorn in Soul Hackers 2 111

Beyond that, I used a demon with Rakunda (defense debuff), War Cry (attack/defense buff) and had at least one demon with a heal/force attack. I personally gave Saizo the healer because of the stack ability and the attack buffer to Milady, as she will mostly use the Piercer skill. The remaining two depends on your arrangement, though in my case Sudama to Ringo because there was a chance she would get an extra turn and could attack as well as debuff.

Defeating the Unicorn

This fight is incredibly simple once you understand the mechanics. The first turn should be using the break skill, Rakunda and War Cry. In the event Saizo goes before your break person, I would see if it’s possible to heal for the stack, otherwise just waste that turn.

Typically the Unicorn will attack with their weak moves, allowing you to attack again. I would debuff the other one and then ideally attack with the other three characters. Your goal is to either defeat both Unicorn on this turn or have them both low enough to effortlessly do it on the next. They will either attack or revive the other Unicorn, making it pretty easy to survive.

From here, either repeat the cycle or finish off the enemies and enjoy your victory.

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