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How long does it take to beat Soul Hackers 2?

One of the RPGs’ best and worst things is that they’re an investment. These games allow you to spend as little as 10 hours beating them or easily surpassing 100 hours. Since Soul Hackers 2 takes place in the Shin Megami Tensei world, that number will obviously be higher. With that in mind, let’s talk about how long it takes to beat Soul Hackers 2.

Now, How long does it take to beat Soul Hackers 2?

When I completed Soul Hackers 2, my game saved read 61 hours. This included every quest I had access to, filling every area on every map completely, opening every Soul Matrix gate I could, finishing every bar event, and more. This also includes some downtime, so my run was roughly 55 hours.

I imagine someone playing on a lower difficulty and ignoring a lot more content could quickly get this down to 30 or even 20 hours, primarily if you focus solely on progression and skip optional bosses and challenging missions.

How long does it take to beat Soul Hackers 2?

Whether your run is 20 or 60 hours long, new content is found in New Game+. These include new missions, getting further in Soul Matrix for other characters, different dialogue choices, an alternate ending, and more. These runs will be much shorter, especially if you retain content from your previous run so that they could be another 15 or so hours.

Part of the still beefy length is the fact you can’t skip most story sections. At most, there will be an option to fast forward until the end of a dialogue option appears. You also lose Soul Levels on a new run, meaning you need to do all the side tasks to unlock the latest content, even if you don’t read it.

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