How to Defeat Zhang Rang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 2

How to Defeat Zhang Rang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Like a number of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty stages, getting to Zhang Rang is a feat itself. Enemies out number, level, and power you, making every battle to close for comfort. Unfortunately, Zhang Rang follows other stages where he is as annoying as the journey itself. However, once you get his gimmick down the fight is pretty manageable.

How to Defeat Zhang Rang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Set Up

The only thing you really need for this fight is the Wizardry Spell Absorb Vitality. It is pretty overpowered in this fight, and a great way to avoid using pots.

There is a Dragon Vein Crystal at the top right of where the last banner is. Make sure you get that to gain an additional pot.

Fighting Zhang Rang

This whole fight is about dodging multiple electric attacks, and fighting multiple enemies at once. While the assumption would be to target the real Zhang Rang, which is the one with smoke surrounding him, you’re actually best off killing the various copies first.

Not only do these weaken him, it reduces the number of threats, and makes him easier to stun. The last one is extremely important, as it applies to his copies as well. There is a domino effect where the last couple of copies can be stunned with a single attack, making it extremely easy to eliminate them. These also give substantial health returns, which is why you want Absorb Vitality active.

Beyond this, the best tactic is to keep attacking them, wait for a critical hit, deflect it, and kill the copy. This will start the chain, making it increasingly easy to finish them off. When it’s just him, go on a strong offensive. He will still have some annoying attacks, but on his own he isn’t much of a threat.

It takes about three cycles to defeat him, so take your time and you should win without too many issues.

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