How to Defeat Hua Xiong in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 2

How to Defeat Hua Xiong in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

At this point you probably had enough of this Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty stage. There are enemies everywhere, countless ranged attacks, and no shortage of problems to overcome. Thankfully, Hua Xiong is the gatekeeper for the boss, but unfortunately he is going to be a hassle to defeat. That said, if you’re struggling this guide should help a lot.

How to Defeat Hua Xiong in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Set Up

Before engaging Hua Xiong you’ll want to find every banner location on this map. They are all accessible by this point, besides obviously the one you unlock for defeating Hua Xiong, which will give you enough fortification to prevent things from getting too hard. Most of them are in the area above him, with a few on the outskirts of the map.

There is also a Dragon’s Cure Pot upgrade on this map. To find it, go back to the checkpoint before the area with Hua Xiong. At the crossroad, go right, defeat the enemies over there, get that checkpoint, and it’s located on one of the towers near the front of the area.

Finally, this is a fantastic time to use companions if you’re struggling. It’s easy to forget you can summon them via reinforcements, and even distracting Hua Xiong can go a long way.

Defeating Hua Xiong

Start by going to the top left area of the map. You’ll find a stationary bow pictured below. Despite not glowing orange when targeting Hua Xiong, it can be used to hit him. This does a sizable amount of damage, at least 10 percent, with the amount increasing/decreasing based off morale.

While this will enrage him, he seems to get caught by one of the buildings. As a result, you can take your time to get to his arena.

You’ll want to fight him in that spot for a couple reasons. While the fires can burn him, there will likely be several people to avenge. When I did the fight there were five, so it’s absolutely a spot people struggle with. Giving your Dragon Cure Pot to another player both heals you, and gives morale levels. This is a great tactic to boost/maintain your level without having to kill enemies, or worry about making a mistake. Enemies also generally ignore this location, so don’t worry about a random invader killing you.

As for actually fighting Hua Xiong, the best tactic is to be extremely aggressive. If you’re fast enough this works the same way as the first boss. He will either get stun locked, or swap to defending against your flurry of attacks. As a result, the only attacks he can deliver are critical hits.

Unfortunately, due to positioning, they’re extremely difficult to avoid. Most of them have multiple hits, so if you take the first hit you can still punish the second. Since you’ll likely lose morale, having every location besides the one he offers should bring you to level 17. It might not be the ideal level to fight him, but it is a lot easier than 13.

Beyond this, as long as you’re playing smart, and mitigate some damage, you should be able to kill him without too many issues.

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