How to Defeat Green Monster of the Swamp 3453

How to Defeat Green Monster of the Swamp

At first this seems like an easy fight. Fairly large enemy, not a lot of attacks, takes a sizable amount of damage, but Green Monster of the Swamp is no joke in Lies of P. Most of the difficulty stems from the second phase, which if done incorrectly, will result in failure. With this in mind, we wanted to give some tips to make it a lot easier.

Suggested Build

Unlike previous fights, set up is a lot simpler. For this fight you want Patience Amulet, LADA F250 Frame, LADA Shock Cartridge, and Belford Superior Corrosion Resistance Converter. The last one is extremely important as Decay is basically failure for this fight.

In addition to that, Flame Grindstone and Aegis go pretty far. I also returned to Bone-Cutting Sawblade and Fire Axe Handle, though any combo works as long as you can quickly strike.

Defeating Green Monster of the Swamp

Green Monster of the Swamp

Start by using the Flame Grindstone to give your blade flames. Be extremely aggressive and ideally it will sort of stun lock the boss. With enough stamina and luck it is possible to hit, stun, burn, Fatal Attack, and then finish it only attacking like two or three times.

How to Defeat Green Monster of the Swamp 34534

If you’re not that lucky, just learn its rotation. Every attack has a hard end that can be exploited for sizable damage. While not ideal, you can also cheese it with Aegis, though I would suggest saving for the next phase.

Puppet-Devouring Green Monster

This fight is basically just Scrapped Watchman with a couple extra attacks. My advice is to play it safe, wait for moves you can exploit and perfect block the charge attack. Perfect blocking it at any point immediately ends it, something you must do because it can lock you in a corner for a guaranteed death.

How to Defeat Green Monster of the Swamp 34534

The only thing you need to remember for this fight is when it does a weird shifting move it’s going to attack from the monster side. Damage isn’t bad, though too many hits will give you decay. That basically destroys weapon durability forcing a grind. Given its size and aggression, it will result in your death if you let it.

When it gets low I would stay close and abuse Aegis. Distance will make strikes more common, with very few of these being able to best your defense. As long as you play it safe and can handle its attacks you should survive this section and win the fight.

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