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How Long to Beat Lies of P?

It’s always difficult to go into a new Soulslike game. Sometimes they have an overwhelming amount of content, or it’s an underwhelming two or three boss experience. While Lies of P doesn’t have an impossible amount of content, it does have a sizable amount of bosses to overcome. To give you an idea how much effort it will take, we wanted to talk about how long you can expect this adventure to be.

How Long to Beat Lies of P?

It’s honestly rather difficult to factor in how long it takes to overcome all the challenges in Lies of P. While I can say a relatively skilled player trying to find all the secrets hidden in the city of Krat should be looking at a roughly 40 hour adventure. However, crafty players can actually skip a sizable amount of content and finish at a much faster pace.

For example, in the final chapter I was testing something and finished running through one of the sections in roughly 10 minutes. When I went back to fully explore said area it added around 2 hours to my play through. I wouldn’t suggest this style of play, though it can make short work of difficult areas.

Following a successful run you’ll unlock New Game+, which can add several hours to your experience. Not only does this allow you to change your choices, occasionally resulting in different rewards, it will allow you to get every Amulet/boss weapon as well. Not to mention unlock the third ending, as that seems to be determines in such a way it’s not worth copying your save.

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