Is Now The Perfect Time to Start Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak? 1

Is Now The Perfect Time to Start Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak?

Historically, Monster Hunter games have gotten one major expansion following the initial release that builds the post game experience. Monster Hunter Rise is no exception and the recently released Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak does just that. However, given the commitment required to get into these games, along with the player base typically at a higher level, some are wondering if this is the right time to join the hunt or if it’s an uphill battle.

Is Now The Perfect Time to Start Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak?

Capcom anticipated this issue, both with newcomers and returning players, and tried to help resolve it by giving everyone a set of HR7 armor. This makes playing through the story a lot easier, something that is required to unlock the Sunbreak content, along with taking some of the stress off getting certain gear. For those worried about being overpowered, don’t. Around HR3 or 4 you’ll start to really feel the effects. Still, it’s good getting past the first couple of hunts without having to worry about every detail.

Beyond that, there are some quality of life improvements that make the initial grind a lot easier. This includes multiple skills, aid and more. These won’t do much at extremely high level content, just make the road to these fights a lot more approachable.

All this being said, it really is important to understand the type of road you’ll need to transverse. To unlock Sunbreak‘s content I would say you’re probably looking at about 50 total hunts, assuming you’re good enough to win on your first attempt and do a wide range of monsters. I would say the average time is in the 10 minutes range, meaning this could potentially be done in 10 hours. I would wager it will be a bit more, especially once some harder fights occur, but it’s absolutely not too bad if you want to see everything Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has to offer.

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