How to Defeat Yu Ji in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 11

How to Defeat Yu Ji in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

At long last it’s the final showdown against Yu Ji. Surprisingly, he isn’t a difficult Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty boss, nor is he particularly complicated. He punishes a number of different play styles, though with the right tactic he is a breeze.

How to Defeat Yu Ji in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Set Up

You want something that helps you move fast, and are able to dodge a lot in succession. He isn’t hard, though he can have some unusual moves that might take a couple hits to master.

Defeating Yu Ji

This whole fight is Yu Ji teleporting around taking swings as you attempt to do the same. Since it’s a slow fight you’ll want to chase after him to keep the pressure up. One thing that helps a lot is to anticipate his movements.

As soon as you strike him he will teleport, so swing, figure out where he is, chase, and repeat. Eventually he will use a critical hit, which is really useful to make short work of him.

Defeating Embodiment of Demonic Qi

Channeling various RPG bosses is the Embodiment of Demonic Qi. This is a really unusual fight, as his range is massive, though he is slow and hard to hit. For these reasons you can basically forget damaging him. Instead, dodge his hits until you can deflect the critical strike.

Once you stun him he will be open to damage for a couple seconds. If you’re lucky this is enough to get a critical hit in, but if you fall short you can just repeat this cycle until he dies.

Defeating Blindfolded Boy

The final story boss is the Blindfolded Boy possessed by Yu Ji. This is exactly the same as the first fight against Yu Ji, just a lot faster. You’re best off playing defensive, getting as many critical hits in, and finish him off through critical strikes.

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