How to Defeat Demonic Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 3

How to Defeat Demonic Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

After a challenging first fight, Lu Bu is back in an even harder form. On one hand, this fight is essentially the same as the first version, but on the other it has a couple mechanics that make it harder. While I wouldn’t call this the hardest Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty fight, there is a good chance you’ll have some issues.

How to Defeat Demonic Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Set Up

Like other fights, it helps to get to morale 25, and build around tanking fire damage. Consuming Heatproof Ice also helps a bit if you get stuck.

This is the location of the Dragon Cure Pot upgrade. It’s towards the middle, and can be found after draining the water. Make sure you get that before fighting Lu Bu as well.

Finally, I didn’t bother with another companion, but if you’re struggling they can be useful. Since he will already be distracted, there is no real negative to adding someone.

Defeating Demonic Lu Bu

Lu Bu is a little different from the other annoying bosses you’ve defeated thus far. Instead of quickly gaining spirit, he will gain a slowly take back any progress you’ve made. For this reason you’ll want to wait until he does a critical hit, deflect it, and then get aggressive. With some luck you’ll stun him, get a critical hit in, and you’ll move onto the next part.

After landing a critical blow he will start to use fire based attacks. This section is unrelenting, though the core tactic is the same. The big thing to keep an eye out for is his fireball critical hit. Unlike every other boss thus far, he can reflect it back at you. I’ve seen him do it multiple times in a row, so don’t stop just because you got the deflect.

Beyond that, the last part will get increasingly difficult as his health decreases. The best tactic is to go all out when his health gets red. Even if this will increase the damage you take, it’s better to die due to bad luck, than it is getting hit randomly and then finished a second later.

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