How to Complete Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares All Hands Challenge

How to Complete Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares All Hands Challenge

Normally we don’t cover Destiny 2 raid challenges, since they’re essentially the basic raid with a twist. For example, the previous challenge was doing the opposite of the normal mechanic. Other times the mechanics are a free clear, like Deep Stone Crypt’s final challenge is how people normally do the raid. While this holds true for Nazarec’s challenge, All Hands, it’s also one I found confused many people, so I wanted to make a brief guide in hopes of simplifying it.

How to Complete Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares All Hands Challenge

What is the Challenge?

As players assumed, the challenge for Nezarec is each player having to get one dark, and one light node before damaging him. In addition to this, for one reason or another, the final node on both sides need to be shot within a couple seconds of each other. While this sounds complicated, it’s actually pretty doable.


Before getting into execution, it’s important to understand roles. For this raid you want to have two groups of three, with each person having a distinct task to complete.

These jobs are essentially called one, two, and three, which will make more sense later.

  • One – Gets Hatred
  • Two – Add clear
  • Three – Creates refugee/add clear

It helps to make sure the people grabbing Hatred have something to quickly deal with Nezarec. Popcorn will not likely cause a wipe, though it can throw off the rotation. The remaining people need to make sure they have damaging weapons, along with good add clear. One of the most potent combos for this encounter is Forbearance and Thunderlord (with catalyst)/The Hothead.

The reason for this is a Wave Frame grenade launcher can one hit adds, even on master. While this will not help you against shielded foes, the aforementioned heavy weapons are Arc, which you should pair with Arc surge, allowing Forbearance to overcome this limitation.

I also find assigning Divinity to two and using a good void machine gun helps a lot, as does Aeons. Both of these should, if built correctly, give more heavy ammo to help deal with adds/damage Nezarec. I strongly consider looking into this if your team is struggling. It also helps to use the reserve cheese. Basically, you use another chest piece with your elemental reserves, rally, and then swap to your normal chest piece. Finally, 100 resistance and building to survive Nezarec’s attacks will make a massive difference.


How this rotation works is pretty simple, but we’re going to simplify it further with the help of pryanie#2536’s fantastic Nezarec map.

After rallying, the first and third person will start on their side’s aura. What will happen is, first will shoot it, both people will get the buff, and go to different locations. First will go to the location numbered one on the map above, shoot it, and then immediately switch to Hatred grabber/add clearer. As for three, you need to go to the first node on the opposite side, and shoot that. This creates refugee, which will last long enough to survive Nezarec’s wipe mechanic.

After this there are two ways to approach the encounter. The “easy” way is to have three stay on the side they ran to, with the “simple” way being they return to their original side. If you do it the “easy” way, the person starting on light is dark three, and vice versa. This is important to understand, as everyone needs to be aware of what they’re doing if you want to be successful.

When one shoots, and ideally calls out their node is shot, two needs to run to their node. As the map shows, there is a left and right option, with it being completely random which one is selected. Speaking for myself, I would run to the one directly in front of me (left), and if it didn’t appear in a couple seconds that should indicate the correct one is right. There isn’t a correct way, I just find this simpler. Once found, shoot it, call out your node is done, and immediately kill the Barrier Champion. If you struggle with this enemy, remember pulse rifles, among other things, can break their Barrier this season.

At this point three goes to the remaining node, shoots it, and you prepare for refugee. If the color is not known, help break Nezarec’s shoulders to reveal it, go to the correct location, and clear adds.

Three things to keep in mind about this part.

  • If you touch the other refugee it immediately overwrites the original and you will die if it’s incorrect.
  • When Nezarec’s body starts glowing it indicates the wipe is near. Refreshing the buff at this point ensures it will not run out by the time he attacks
  • You can get the fourth (and fifth/sixth) node without failing the challenge.

The last part is extremely important, since it leads into the next part of the challenge. Since someone needs to shoot one node on each side, the light/dark teams swap and form the four, five, and six numbers. If this is confusing, light one becomes dark four, and so forth. This is also why I highlighted you can get the fourth node without failing the challenge.

Since you shouldn’t need refugee for the remainder of this rotation, getting the node out of the way allows you to focus solely on add clear/Hatred grabbing. It also gives five more time to figure out where the aura is, along with clear adds.

Please note, unlike one, the fourth plate will be either four/five on the map above. Do not assume it will be the same plate, as it will vary. That being said, five will always be the other one, and six never changes from the flower.

For the final node, once you get there call it out, wait for your partner, and then shoot. If done correctly it will not fail the challenge and you can move to the next problem, damaging Nezarec.

Damage will honestly be the make or break for any team. You must do enough to kill Nezarec in three rotations, though it’s much better if you can do it in less. Every damage location will have some limitation, so it’s important to see what your team is struggling with.

For the team I was successful with it was killing adds/surviving. If that is a concern, standing on either of the last plates will make Nezarec easier to hit/minimize damage. Just be ready to make it to the other side, and clear adds that might cause a problem during the fight.

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