How to Defeat Survivor in Lies of P 34534

How to Defeat Survivor in Lies of P

This is an interesting point for Lies of P. On one hand you should be able to handle anything it throws at you because you’re well versed in the mechanics; but on the other it’s nice that each boss/major enemy pushes a different mechanic. In the case of survivor, you basically need to dodge if you want to survive. There are a couple reasons as to why, along with some key tactics, which we will go over to help you win this fight.

Where is the Survivor Located?

In the area where you find Red Fox there will be another path to the right. This will take you inside a massive building, with the rightmost path having a ladder that takes you to a lower level. Inside of there you’ll find the Survivor after a brief conversation.

Do You Need to Win This Fight?

As far as I can tell, you do not need to engage the survivor. Beating him unlocks a fairly pointless shortcut, the locked doors are the two you can’t interact with when using the rolling flame ball trap. There is also a checkpoint north of this area, one where you’ll only need to fight two enemies, that is worth getting since it reduces your chances of taking damage before getting to him. Beyond the shortcut there are some additional benefits.

How to Defeat Survivor in Lies of P 34543

Killing him will give the Survivor’s costume. This includes a mouse mask and elegant chest piece. If that isn’t enough, there is also a nice emote called Stalker’s Promise. This pose is also used for an optional event shortly after. I don’t know what happens if you don’t have it, maybe you do need it, but doing the pose gives you the key to the next section.

How to Defeat Survivor in Lies of P 34534

Nether are must have options, but worth it if you want more cosmetic options.

Suggested Build

In the third area there are at least three additional weapons to find. The first is Salamander Dagger, which is in a safe near a hole in the ground by the first Stargazer. Next you have Fire Axe, which is at the end of the flame ball hallway. Finally, the red box by the massive puppet gives Booster Glaive. I found none were helpful for dealing with Survivor, though the Fire Axe Handle with the Puppet’s Saber are a strong combo. Endure allows you to withstand their attacks, along with the blade gaining a bit more range. I didn’t personally use it, though it’s a great resource if you need it.

If you’re struggling with durability, one of the side paths has an amulet that reduces durability consumption. It won’t mitigate all your blocking woes, though it will give a slight edge. Something that is useful since you can unequip the Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet to use it.

Fighting Survivor

At first it seems like the ideal tactic is to block and punish. However, doing this will cause two massive issues for you. Not only are Survivor’s attacks relentless, each block wears your durability down. Having to sharpen your blade is basically a death sentence, so use it wisely.

Instead, this is one fight where you need to be aggressive. The best tactic is to instead dodge and then slice. Not only will this cause you to lunge forward ideally hitting Survivor, every couple of attacks stuns them for a moment.

Similar to Mad Donkey, attacking from behind will also do a Fatal Attack. This isn’t reliable to do, though I consistently had it happen once per engagement by accident. If nothing else, try to go for it when safe to do so.

Beyond that, charging into powerful attacks will often hit Survivor. It helps that the Puppet’s Saber is a two swing strike. This means the first swing will miss, but the second will hit. With some luck around 30 percent health you should get the option for another Fatal Attack and that should result in a win.

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