How Long Does it Take To Beat Forspoken?

How Long Does it Take To Beat Forspoken?

When it comes to games like Forspoken, they can be a massive time investment. This can be somewhat problematic if you’re hoping to finish before the next big title, or a massive win to fill that gap between releases. With so much talk about the length, content, and overall quality of Forspoken, we wanted to share our experiences on length.

How Long Does it Take To Beat Forspoken?

With some slight detouring/item collecting, it took just under 14 hours to finish Forspoken. While I do believe it is possible to get to the 10 hour mark, you basically need to be laser focused on the narrative, and ignore all other content. Realistically, such a run will probably not apply to most players, and you’ll be looking at roughly 15 hours. It will be a little more if you struggle on certain encounters, or opt to get collectibles/do the occasional thing; with it being less if you largely stay focused.

As for post game, you can easily hit 60 hours running around finishing objectives. However, the overall quality of this content varies. Outside of side quests, most objectives involve fighting hoards of enemies. Sometimes they’re guarding a notable chest, other times multiple rooms, but they’re little more than waves of enemies. This content can still be fun, it just offers less diversity than the core narrative, or even optional quests.

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