Sonic Frontiers Guide: How To Beat The 4 Towers

There is a very unique quest that you have to do in Sonic Frontiers. The mission is called ‘The Best Defense’ and you have to defeat four towers in only one minute!

For the longest time, I was attacking the towers normally by their feet, but it was taking too long to defeat even one of them. Before I visited YouTube, I have to admit I was stuck on this damned mission!

Thankfully, I found a video on YouTube uploaded by Trophy Tom. In his video, he shows you the exact way to finish the mission.

Instead of attacking the towers at the bottom, you have to attack their heads. You will have to wait until they drill the ground first before you are able to defeat them by attacking their heads.

If you repeat this method four times, you finally should be able to accomplish this mission. You can view the helpful video below for more guidance.

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