How to Get the Best Armor in Infernax 1

How to Get the Best Armor in Infernax

There are a lot of optional events and hidden secrets in Infernax. Some of them are based off earlier decisions, whereas others step from finding specific things. One of the biggest secrets is the Holy Armor. The step up from Silver Armor significantly reduces damage received, making some later bosses like Belphegor a lot easier.

How to Get the Best Armor in Infernax

Finding It

Part of what makes Stormheim Shore’s castle so hard to find is the map indicating there is something across the river. It suggests there is something to cross it, but instead there are two separate dungeons.

The blue indicator is the Stormheim Castle you need to do for the crystal. The area on the right is an additional dungeon that gives the armor. However, it is not possible to get there until you’ve obtained Holy Charge, the final skill you obtain.

Finishing the Sunken Palace

To finish the sunken palace, go the south path, get the key and then head left. After opening the door you’ll fight the greater demon Halphas.

During the fight Halphas will swing around with these purple parts, eventually ending stunned like pictured above. When you see this, hit Halphas to deal damage. Upon killing it you’ll gain access to the other side where the armor is waiting, a sweet trophy/achievement and the best armor in Infernax.

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