How to Beat The Hanged Queen in Thymesia 11

How to Beat The Hanged Queen in Thymesia

Up to this point Thymesia is about countering enemies and making the most of specific weapons. However, The Hanged Queen is a bit different. Instead of being a boss relies on countering, it’s far more of a traditional Souls-like boss. The trick is to gracefully dodge attacks and make the most of your timing. For some this can be one of the easiest bosses, others a bit trickier, but this guide should make it pretty doable.

How to Beat The Hanged Queen in Thymesia

General Tips

There are four tips that are always good to remember in Thymesia. The first is that Talents can be freely reset or single choices can be unlearned to change your build on the fly. This makes some of the bosses a lot easier or just getting past certain bothersome enemies. Another is that weapon shards increase Plague Weapon power, making them useful if you want to rely on them.

In the item menu under general there are items called Collection of Memories. These start at level one and give 100 memory shards per use, with the level two version giving 500. These are great for leveling fast or quickly gaining access to another skill or ability without risking your life for shards.

Finally, I want to touch on potions, as this is something that impacts all aspects of Thymesia. I personally beat everything with the General Potion, but there are use cases for the other two. These are subjective, but the order you upgrade potions is not. I would say quantity is the most important category, followed by recovery and then crafting. The only thing to keep in mind is total health. If the potion heals more than your current HP or when you’ll likely use it, consider getting the craft upgrades.

As for crafting, these use random drops that have various effects. These ingredients are permanent, meaning there is no risk in using them in a potion or just picking certain useful effects. I personally found Black Pepper, Garlic and Basil, which gives Warming Up (damage increased by 10 percent) the most useful, but there is a case that can be made for each of them.

Set Up

You shouldn’t need much to beat The Hanged Queen, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your skill. For this fight I didn’t actually use a Plague Weapon, but if I had to use one I would use the Flying Daggers. If you really want the weapon for this fight, the simplest place to get it is at the start of Sea of Trees – Sub Quest 1. As soon as you load into the level, there is an enemy with it to the left. Defeat her and you should unlock it. If you’re up for grinding, the Bow also helps and can be unlocked with enemies around this level.

For Talents, this fight is all dodge and slash, so I would literally unlock Dodge and Slash, along with Sharp Weapons and Short Dodge. The idea is to quickly dodge, buff yourself and then unleash some damage as it stands still. While it helps to have Plague Wounds, I wouldn’t say it’s essential.

Trophy/Achievement Hunter Note: Because of this bosses lack of difficulty and single phase, I did not use a potion to unlock the Piece of Cake trophy/achievement. The only thing to keep in mind is that this boss unlocks the the Plague Weapon Blood Storm, which uses plague energy to heal you. Using that should still unlock the trophy/achievement, but I can’t confirm that. This boss can also be repeated by simply doing the mission again, so once you get the hang of it and the Plague Weapon, it might be worth doing it again.

Fighting The Hanged Queen

Unlike the previous fights, this is a single phase and actually pretty straightforward. The idea is to let it rush you, either literally or by jumping and dodging its attack. Unleash damage until it jumps, in which case you repeat the previous action, or it will flap its wings and jump back. When it finally retreats, it will typically shoot a ball forward, regenerate health and then either jump slam or summon spears. This section really pays to be extremely aggressive, as you need a certain amount of momentum to defeat it.

On my successful run I killed it before it did the jumping screech attack, but if you can’t kill it in time it’s generally a lot simpler to just take the 190 or so damage it does, followed by finishing it off.

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