How to Defeat the Sound of the Abyss in Thymesia 2

How to Defeat the Sound of the Abyss in Thymesia

Keeping with the other Thymesia bosses, Sound of the Abyss is an arena fight that looks a lot harder than it is. The worm looking boss only has a small handful of moves and once you know how to deal with it, this is actually one of the easiest bosses. So much so that it might be the best place to get the trophy/achievement Piece of Cake if you haven’t already.

How to Defeat the Sound of the Abyss in Thymesia

General Tips

There are four tips that are always good to remember in Thymesia. The first is that Talents can be freely reset or single choices can be unlearned to change your build on the fly. This makes some of the bosses a lot easier or just getting past certain bothersome enemies. Another is that weapon shards increase Plague Weapon power, making them useful if you want to rely on them.

In the item menu under general there are items called Collection of Memories. These start at level one and give 100 memory shards per use, with the level two version giving 500. These are great for leveling fast or quickly gaining access to another skill or ability without risking your life for shards.

Finally, I want to touch on potions, as this is something that impacts all aspects of Thymesia. I personally beat everything with the General Potion, but there are use cases for the other two. These are subjective, but the order you upgrade potions is not. I would say quantity is the most important category, followed by recovery and then crafting. The only thing to keep in mind is total health. If the potion heals more than your current HP or when you’ll likely use it, consider getting the craft upgrades.

As for crafting, these use random drops that have various effects. These ingredients are permanent, meaning there is no risk in using them in a potion or just picking certain useful effects. I personally found Black Pepper, Garlic and Basil, which gives Warming Up (damage increased by 10 percent) the most useful, but there is a case that can be made for each of them.

Set Up

Since this is a really simple fight, you shouldn’t need a lot of set up. I personally used the Plague Weapons Twin Swords and Blood Storm, though you’d likely be fine with Halberd, Scythe or any quick damage weapon. As for talents, Sharp Weapons, Short Dodge and either Short or Long Claw are all you need.

Fighting the Sound of the Abyss

Phase One

This boss only has three attacks. One has it shoot up to the ceiling that causes blood crystals to fall and it eventually jumping on your location. Another is moving to the back right and then sweeping across the stage from left to right, which needs to be dodged or at least hit indirectly to prevent losing most, if not all, of your health. Finally, there is a move where it moves back and strikes forward.

How to Defeat the Sound of the Abyss in Thymesia 22

All you need to do is play defensively and punish the sweep and strike attack. This is done by avoiding the attack, moving to the glowing crystal on the left or right side and breaking it. This does substantial damage and I suggest doing both sides, before attacking the exposed area like every other boss.

Phase Two

Odds are if you’re at this point you won’t lose, so if you want the ending to be a surprise, stop reading here.

If you want to ensure victory, basically the Sound of the Abyss will cause the blood crystals to fall, drop a big rock on the furthest point to the left and right of you and then collapse in front of you. This will give you a prompt to finish it and instantly kill it.

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