Sniper Elite 5: How to Unlock Every Campaign Character Skin

Sniper Elite 5 places the rifles (and other customizable armaments) front and center in Karl Fairburne’s latest France-bound journey. While the long-time protagonist will be on everyone’s screen during their initial playthrough of Rebellion‘s newest sniper-centric campaign, the tough and gruff Karl can eventually be swapped out for a different character, if desired.

There are a handful of combatants lining up to give it to the Nazi occupational forces in France, and you can play as any one of them if you satisfy their unlock conditions first. We have the details for you below so you can decide whose digital shoes you will be filling on that second campaign run.

How to Unlock Every Campaign Character Skin in Sniper Elite 5

Character SkinDescriptionHow to Unlock
Lieutenant Karl FairburneKarl Fairburne is an extremely experience covert operations agent, and a deadly sniper.N/A
Jeff SullivanJeff Sullivan was already enlisted in the US Army before America joined the war, and has been working with the British forces since the Dieppe Raid in 1942.Kill an Axis Invader 9 times in Axis Invasion mode


Complete all Campaign Missions
Resistance Fighter (Male)A skilled and experienced French freedom fighter, unflinching in their resolve against the Nazi forces. This fighter works alongside Allied Command to support the liberation of their homeland.Complete all 12 waves on one survival map


Complete all Campaign Missions
Monika GrepPolish by birth, Monika Grep married a Russian journalist and was with his family in Stalingrad when the war broke out. She joined the fight against the German invasion and became a fearsome sniper.Complete all Campaign Missions
Marie ChevalierMember of the resistance, expert saboteur well versed in the art of stealthy espionage, has been working alongside Charlie Barton’s network since its inception and is trusted explicitly by them as a result.Complete all Campaign Missions
555th Airborne555th Parachute Infantry Battalion, the Triple Nickles. From Fort Benning to Camp Mackall, these soldiers have been trained to fight their enemy in whatever theater of war they’re deployed. Made up of both volunteers and enlisted men of the 92nd Infantry Division, there’s no fight these men aren’t ready for.Complete all 12 waves on three survival maps


Complete all Campaign Missions
Charlie BartonCode named Blue Viper, Charlotte “Charlie” Barton is responsible for coordinating the French Resistance activity in and around Colline-Sur-Mer.Kill an Axis Invader 5 times in Axis Invasion mode


Complete all Campaign Missions
Resistance Fighter (Female)A skilled and experience French freedom fighter, determined to rid their homeland of the occupying forces that have plagued them since 1940.Complete all 12 waves on two survival maps


Complete all Campaign Missions
Harry HawkerFormerly an Auxilier training instructor, Harry Hawker is specialized in marksmanship and unarmed combat. Complete all Campaign Missions

Sniper Elite 5 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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