Sony Reveals Expanded PlayStation Plus Lineup; Includes Benefits for Previous Classic Game Owners 1 Sony Support Confirms PlayStation Plus Discounts are Not Honored When Upgrading

Sony Support Confirms PlayStation Plus Discounts are Not Honored When Upgrading [Updated 2: Ask PlayStation Comments]

Yesterday, we reported on the various changes players can expect from the all-new PlayStation Plus. One detail we omitted was the costs associated with upgrading a plan, since there were a wide variety of reports, statements, outrage and general confusion. One somewhat common statement was upgrading would remove any deals or discounts, even those obtained through PlayStation Store directly, if said user wanted to upgrade.

Since then, a user associated with the Chinese gaming outlet VGTime contacted PlayStation Hong Kong about the issue and received a response, which they reported. This response was then picked up by Video Games Chronicle, which translated the statement to English.

Thank you for contacting PlayStation Support and checking the price of your PlayStation Plus membership subscription.

Since you purchased PlayStation Plus at a discounted price at the time of membership, there are two PlayStation Plus memberships that cannot enjoy other discounts:

1) PlayStation Plus membership bought with a discount.
2) PlayStation Plus membership redeemed with redemption code.

Therefore, if you need to upgrade to Level 2 or 3 Premium membership, you will need to make up the difference between the previous discounted price and the normal price.

For example, a PlayStation Plus membership is HK$308 for one year and the discounted price is HK$187.6. The difference is $120.4, divided by the number of months remaining.

Please rest assured that the system will automatically calculate the difference that needs to be repaid if you need to upgrade. Of course, you can also upgrade or downgrade your membership according to your preference.

If you do not upgrade, your current PlayStation Plus membership will not be affected. Please be assured that game offers, free monthly game subscriptions and access to 100G of online storage will remain unchanged.

Video Games Chronicle

In response to the original news and this additional piece of information, fan outcry is at an all time high. Something that isn’t particularly surprising given the general negative reaction to Sony disabling the ability to upgrade or add to your membership until the switch occurs and how Microsoft handles this with Game Pass, but it might have made a difference.

Update: Since this story circulated around some users on reddit are not reporting a lower rate when trying to upgrade. At the moment there is no official word on is this is intended or what the rate should currently be, but this might be good news for users.

Update 2: A couple minutes ago Ask PlayStation, PlayStation’s official Twitter support account, commented on the pricing, calling it a “technical issue.”

As of now I’ve yet to see an official breakdown on how much it will cost to upgrade, but other comments show a rather sizable decrease.

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